Steven Bahoura

Steven Bahoura and Paul Manni Are Running For Sterling Heights City Council

Steve Bahoora, 42, and Paul Manni, 26, hope to give Sterling Heights’ Chaldean community a stronger voice in city politics by running for City Council seats respectively.

Steve Bahoura’s used car dealership is frequently broken into, and now is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone with information leading to the arrest of thieves.

Early Life and Education

Steven Bahoura, 42, is running for Sterling Heights City Council to give Chaldeans in the city more representation in government. He works in the cellular phone industry and has real estate investments. He can fluently speak both English and Arabic – the two primary languages spoken at home – as well as Chaldean through church connections and self-directed efforts. Paul Manni’s election bid aims at furthering his business interests; Bahoura stands apart by having no political ambitions beyond municipal office. Instead, his sole interest lies in serving his community and improving quality of life in Sterling Heights. He has strongly criticised current City Council members’ anti-American rhetoric and perceived “left-liberal ideology”. Bahoura will run independently.

Professional Career

Steven Bahoura is a successful entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses, such as a real estate firm. Additionally, he is a professional wrestler and has been part of the entertainment industry since his early teens – appearing in films, TV shows and TikTok videos while earning numerous awards and accolades in his professional career.

Bahoura is currently running as a Republican for City Council in Sterling Heights, Michigan as a candidate. His primary opponent is incumbent Democrat Michael Radtke; both candidates are political novices with no prior public office experience. Bahoura has indicated his mission as being solely community service; specifically on improving life for Chaldeans living in Sterling Heights. A dedicated community servant with English, Arabic and his native Chaldean languages fluency.

Personal Life

Steven Bahoura is married and the proud parent of three children. Initially involved with crime as a youth, Steven eventually turned things around by becoming an entrepreneur and real estate investor – becoming involved with community activism in Sterling Heights Michigan’s Chaldean community.

Bahoura is running for election to the city council, alleging that political forces are blackmailing him with videotapes depicting him in an unfavorable light. He hopes to provide representation for his city’s Chaldean community on council and is prepared to make sacrifices towards reaching his goals.

He was an active member of the Oath Keepers, helping manage their website and internal chat functionalities. Additionally, he had long been associated with Proud Boys, posting racist and homophobic content online.

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