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Steven Beebe Net Worth – Texas State University

Steven Beebe hails from Michigan (the other one), where his fascination for fixing things led him to pursue science and communication studies at Michigan State.

His greatest achievements included creating beans that can withstand high temperatures – an achievement which could provide great benefit to people in developing nations.

Early Life and Education

Steven Beebe is a Regents Professor and University Distinguished Scholar of Communication Studies at Texas State University. A nationally-known expert on C. S. Lewis, he frequently speaks on this subject matter and has taught communication courses at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Based on various sources, Lynk attended Lane College in Jackson, Tennessee before continuing her education at the University of Western Tennessee Medical College as one of only two female faculty members. An ardent supporter of women’s club movements and writer, she published Advice to Colored Women book published in 1896.

Beebe passed away November 11, 1948 and was interred at New Park Cemetery in Memphis. Unfortunately, not much is known about her life or family beyond what is listed on her tombstone.

Professional Career

Steven Beebe is Regents’ and University Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Communication Studies at Texas State University where he served as Chair for 28 years and Associate Dean for 25. Additionally, his fourteen books (published with over 75 editions worldwide) are used by millions of students around the globe.

He has served as a visiting scholar at Oxford and Cambridge Universities and is often sought out to speak on communication topics and C. S. Lewis principles.

As president of Spring Arbor University, Beebe achieved record enrollment numbers in both undergraduate and graduate student enrollment. Furthermore, he expanded facilities at Spring Arbor with 174,000 square feet of new construction; together with his wife they created a scholarship at Spring Arbor to ease student financial burdens.

Achievement and Honors

Beebe has made great strides as a pioneering researcher in bioelectricity, receiving many accolades and publishing several books on the topic. He serves as a professor at Texas State University.

Beebe leads CIAT’s Bean Program as well as teaching and conducting research in this area, being instrumental in creating over 40 varieties of improved beans that are now commercially available worldwide.

He has written and taught several courses about C. S. Lewis at Oxford, including an annual summer course focusing on this subject. Additionally, in 2016 and 2019 he made headlines internationally when he discovered unpublished poems by Lewis at Oxford’s Bodleian Library.

His alma mater, Cornell University, has granted him an endowed scholarship he’s named “Steven Beebe Memorial Fund”. This fund helps graduate students manage the financial burden associated with their education.

Personal Life

Beebe was named both Regents and University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies at Texas State, having previously chaired its Department for 28 years. He authored numerous textbooks on communicating in small groups and organizational communication.

At the turn of the twentieth century, contrasts between premodern and modern ways of life were stark. Few figures could bridge those gaps better than Beebe Steven Lynk of Jackson, Tennessee; she was one of the nation’s first Black women scientists and university instructors and an author with books on African-American culture and do-it-yourself beauty practices.

Beebe Steven Lynk was an outspoken supporter of equality. To honor this passion, in 2020 her estate established the Beebe Steven Lynk Scholarship to ease financial strain on Communication Studies graduate students undertaking their studies.

Net Worth

Steven A Beebe reportedly has an estimated net worth of about $2 Million. Beebe holds Regents’ and University Distinguished Professor titles at Texas State University where he chaired its Department of Communication Studies for 28 years, serving as Chair. Additionally, he serves as Visiting Scholar to Oxford and Cambridge Universities offering communication skill development courses.

In 2016 and 2019, he made headlines worldwide when he discovered unpublished poems by C. S. Lewis stored at Oxford’s Bodleian Library, leading him to write C. S. Lewis and the Craft of Communication published by Peter Lang in 2020.

He currently heads CIAT’s bean program and plays an integral role in HarvestPlus initiatives, is an author and speaker, enjoys networking locally through membership of Venice Chamber of Commerce, Sertoma and BNI as well as being an avid collector of muscle cars and diesel trucks.

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