Steven Boring

Steven Boring, FNP

Steven Boring, FNP is a nurse practitioner residing in Maryville, TN who practices at Womens Care Group PLC. He accepts multiple insurance providers and is affiliated with Blount Memorial Hospital; accepting new patients. Board certified in Family Practice he enjoys travel, camping, hiking and photography along with leather working basket making and needle arts as hobbies.

Early Life and Education

Boring’s tenure at Harvard began on an unfavorable note following an automobile accident which resulted in fractured skull and concussion, forcing him to seek psychoanalytic sessions with Sachs as an attempt at redirecting his energy.

He later published several psychology texts, such as an introductory psychology textbook and research monograph on physical dimensions of consciousness and their history as well as a war manual titled Psychology for the Fighting Man. Additionally he published articles related to planaria, dementia precox, sexual nutrition, mental measurement and planaria.

Boring was no fan of Skinner’s behaviorist philosophy, yet shared his interest for operationism (the belief that psychologists should define concepts through publicly observable phenomena). Boring took an interpretation similar to Percy Bridgman when considering operations; his view was widely promoted in 1933 when he published Psychology and the Physical Dimensions of Consciousness.

Professional Career

Steven Boring was an esteemed web and print designer, copy-writer and humor writer whose work had been seen in numerous film, television and comedy projects. A member of both the National Screenwriters Association and American Writers’ Guild, Steven was always seeking new knowledge to expand his creative abilities; dedicated member of his church Calvary United Methodist and enjoyed spending time with family and friends alike; will forever be missed by all those privileged enough to know him; generous spirit bear hugs infectious laugh will forever remain memories for us all who were fortunate enough to encounter him!

Personal Life

Steven Boring had an intense passion for life and for those closest to him, particularly family, friends, church and his faith community. His generosity, compassion and bear hugs will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Steven enjoyed traveling, camping, hiking, leather work basket making photography needle arts as well as various hobbies including computers wood working metal working jewelry design creation music making etc. Among others his father James Boring; sisters Sharon Jones and Linda Boring remain his survivors as do other family members such as James Boring’s brothers (deceased).

Net Worth

Steven Boring had an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million when he passed away, owned shares in numerous companies, was active in multiple clubs and societies and loved spending time with family and friends. His generosity, bear hugs and infectious smile are still remembered fondly by all who knew him; among his favorite activities were traveling, camping, hiking photography leather working basket making. Steven also loved nature music computers – showing that life really could be enjoyed to its fullest.

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