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Waterbury man Isidore Ellin, 79 years old, died after suffering blunt force trauma to the head, according to chief medical examiner Dr. Charles Drenner. A Waterbury man was charged Wednesday and arrested with murdering Ellin.

Brockett worked for his victim as a handyman. He is being held on $750,000 bail and will appear before court again Thursday.

Early Life and Education

Brockett was born in Worthing, England and raised in Wales. After attending Cardiff Art School he pursued a successful career as both an artist and kite designer; his paintings had been shown across Europe as well as America.

Brockett also underwent an ultrasound to evaluate his abdominal discomfort, consulting with a panel of physicians regarding their medical options and recommendations. They suggested groin exploration and neurectomy under general anesthesia; however, this procedure carried an increased risk of recurrence.

Brockett filed his complaint alleging deliberate indifference to his serious medical needs while at MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution. The defendants moved for summary judgment, which the Court granted. Brockett’s retaliation claim was also dismissed in accordance with 28 U.S.C 1915A(b)(1).

Professional Career

Brockett serves as Judge for Middletown City Court in Orange County and has a long record of public service and community engagement, such as being part of the Orange County Department of Mental Health or advocating on veterans’ behalf across New York State.

David studied Fine Art Painting at Cardiff Art School and has exhibited his paintings, kites, and aerial photographs worldwide. Additionally, his passion lies with following football matches with family as well as spending quality time.

Roger Ware Brockett (center), Founding Director of ISR, visits with ISR Alumnus Fumin Zhang during a robotic blimp event held by ISR in 2022. Photos provided by Rebecca Copeland.

Achievement and Honors

Brockett was an esteemed guest professor in universities around the globe and author or co-author of many scholarly papers. He received several prestigious honors such as the Donald P. Eckman Award and Richard E. Bellman Control Heritage Award, while his textbook has become an academic classic.

He served on the ISR faculty for many years, supervising numerous students, such as Kenneth Miltenberger Jr of the U.S. Coast Guard; Fumin Zhang (ECE PhD 2004); and current students Udit Halder, Vidya Raju and Yunlong Huang.

Trooper Kelly Grant reported that the Western District Major Crime Squad interviewed him at Troop A barracks before gathering information that led to his arrest, according to Trooper Grant. He will return for court proceedings on December 3 and is being offered a $750,000 bond.

Personal Life

He was an endearing and charming individual with an infectiously positive spirit, always seeking out what was good in people and hoping to leave an imprintful mark in his community and world. His family appreciates any gestures of sympathy from people such as cards, calls, flowers or hugs sent his way.

At Hardgate United Free Church, he was an integral member. Ordained an elder and serving in Sabbath School work for 36 years he also took an interest in temperance work and Temperance efforts. A generous man, he donated over $1 Million to Sir John A Macdonald’s government during its efforts to complete the Canadian Pacific Railway line and was an essential supporter of London-based Prince of Wales Hospital Fund as well as local Masonic Lodges in his area.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Steven Freidkin had amassed an estimated net worth of over $478,000. He made one trade of Eagle Bancorp Inc (MD) stock worth $177,000. On 16 May 2023 he purchased 10,000 shares.

Brockett was a regular performer in New Hampshire and Massachusetts folk clubs and coffeehouses, and gained cult status among fans of traditional folk music. He released several albums – North Mountain Velvet featuring Ramblin’ Jack Elliott as guest artist – as well as teaching guitar to supplement his income as a performer and recording artist. Brockett was also an avid gardener and champion for environmental causes.

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