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Steven Burns, Attorney at Law

Steve specializes in environmental law. He frequently lectures and writes on subjects including Superfund, hazardous waste disposal and criminal enforcement.

Back when social media was limited to tribal telegraph, disc jockeys were masterful at sharing culturally significant messages through spoken word interspersed with appropriate music – one such person being Steven Clean.

Early Life and Education

Steven Clean was raised in Warner Robins, Georgia. He attended Northside High School before working in a print shop before starting Mobile Wash of America – specializing in duct and chimney vent cleaning as well as chimney venting services – which soon saw early success and expanded into providing janitorial cleaning services.

Steve Clean was known for his great sense of humor and love of talking about his family, in particular The Rolling Stones! A big fan himself, Steve often used his microphone to deliver sociological and political messages through mini works of performance art like radio shows; sometimes his radio shows could even feature shock jock-esque antics but in more sophisticated and cerebral ways than you’d think!

Professional Career

Steven Burns provides advice to clients regarding environmental matters related to coal ash, waste and contamination, waterways, air quality, wetlands, protected species and natural resources. He counsels clients regarding federal and state regulations under the Clean Water Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and Superfund program.

Steven has represented numerous clients in complex litigation proceedings and advised numerous corporations on a broad array of corporate transactions.

He possesses extensive experience representing clients in environmental and other commercial matters, from litigation in multiple states to transaction advice involving coal ash, waste contamination, wetlands protection and natural resources. Furthermore, he advises on environmental compliance matters for industries from mining to oil & gas.

Achievement and Honors

Steven has been instrumental in helping LyondellBasell and its predecessor companies address environmental, health and safety concerns at manufacturing sites worldwide. Additionally, he has extensive experience working with local communities regarding environmental justice matters – even attending community meetings at homes near Superfund sites.

Erez is honored with membership in the Silver Circle of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, awarded to broadcasters with over 25 years in industry service. Furthermore, he received an NSF CAREER award that recognizes early career faculty whose research holds promise for making significant contributions in their field.

Personal Life

Steven Clean currently resides in Barnstable, Massachusetts and is married with two children. Additionally, he performs at private parties, listening rooms, restaurants, and clubs around Nashville as a songwriter and performer, often featuring full-layered harmonies over energetic bluegrass/rock accompaniment.

Clean would often use music during his time at WBCN and KMET to convey meaningful cultural messages. Since no social media existed back then, music served as a kind of tribal telegraph to reach his baby boomer audience. Check out this clip where Clean compliments Aerosmith while subtly jabbing at the music business; its humor may be dry but nonetheless still funny! He later had UCLA basketball player Marques Johnson dribble a basketball behind him during broadcasts to add different tones and speeds of dribblings for effect!

Net Worth

Net worth measures the value of a company as measured by its assets (property and investments) less its liabilities (debt). It reveals its total value to lenders and rises as asset values grow while decreases as debts are paid off.

As well as his television career, he is also well known for writing several best-selling self-help books such as Jump: Take the Leap to Achieve Abundant Living, Straight Talk No Chaser and Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man among others.

He is an enthusiastic champion for workforce development and will fight to make health care accessible to all Nevadans, working to strengthen the Affordable Care Act while making lifesaving medications accessible at reasonable prices. Furthermore, he strongly endorses small business creation.

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