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ASE Certified Professional of the Year

Steve Eastman has been employed with Polaris Industries since 2012 as Vice President for Aftermarket/Parts and Garments & Accessories. He lives in the Minneapolis-St Paul region.

Some of Eastman’s neighbors have taken his actions surrounding his election personally. One couple on his block took so much offense at them that they erected fencing around their home over summer.

Early Life and Education

Stephen Lewis Eastman, 68, from Waltham passed away Wednesday at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge after serving as editor of The Mountain Ear, a weekly lifestyle and news journal serving North Conway Vermont.

John was also known for founding and co-hosting the World Mud Bowl Championships in North Conway area, an avid supporter of local charities as well as being passionate about mud sports.

Due to a lack of scores, those wishing to perform his music had to negotiate terms individually with him. After moving to Buffalo and its resources, however, he could explore works such as “Thruway.” In this piece, an overpowering drone of stratospherically pitched dissonance winds down into shifting harmonies before eventually piano provides an earthy yet smooth foundation.

Professional Career

After graduating high school, Steve Eastman tried a number of jobs including oyster shucker, women’s shoe salesman, apartment superintendent and bank teller before eventually finding his true calling as a teacher and track coach.

Eastman was known for fostering many talented athletes during his coaching career at various institutions like Beverly High School and Springfield College, in addition to giving several clinical and workshop presentations related to track technique.

Anthony Witwicki of Eastman and Beverly Schools came up with the concept for a social studies lab during the 1980s, to provide students access to scholarship through cutting-edge technology. They established a national social studies video exchange in which high school classes created videos detailing local history.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Eastman of FCA Master Collision Repair and Refinish Technician Steven Eastman was honored at the ASE Fall Board of Governors Meeting in Phoenix as one of fifty-three automotive professionals honored.

He serves on the art acquisition committee for George Eastman House International Museum of Photography as well as being on its Board of Trustees, Garth Fagan Dance’s Board of Directors, Memorial Art Gallery’s Trusteeship board, Geneva Arts Development Council in Rochester NY as well as Garth Fagan Dance’s.

He has performed recitals at both Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center, as well as written numerous works for piano and orchestra such as “The Holy Presence of Joan d’Arc” and “Crazy Nigger”, both of which are featured on recordings.

Personal Life

Steven Eastman is an enthusiastic family man, passionate about fishing and barbecue. An avid Minnesota Vikings supporter, he enjoys volunteering for the Salvation Army food shelf as well as traveling. At Banyan Hill Publishing he currently works as Associate Director, Premium Services.

Erwin Stein has received several prestigious musical awards, such as the Eisenhart and Piatigorsky prizes at New England Conservatory. Additionally, he made his Carnegie and Kennedy Center debuts, performing at Tully Hall in New York City as well.

He has worked on various television shows and films. As an advisor on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise – both animated and CGI series – as well as being voice of Ice Cream Kitty from 2012 CGI series; writing IDW comic book series; contributing to several film projects featuring them – he was appointed an advisor on their franchise by creator Kevin Eastman in 2011.

Net Worth

Eastman enjoys spending his free time engaging in hobbies like photography, surfing and guitar playing – along with watching movies and TV shows such as A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors in which he appeared as Joey Crusel.

Eastman has created an outstanding legal practice. He represents high-profile musicians and artists such as Tommy Dorsey, Harold Arlen and Hal David as well as having extensive business law knowledge. Additionally, Eastman holds strong ties with The Beatles.

Eastman has recently come under scrutiny by California legal authorities due to his involvement in advising President Trump against overturning election results, with state bar officials suggesting disbarment as punishment for his efforts.

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