Steven Eisman

Steven Eisman – A Famous American Businessman, Money Manager and Investor

Steve Eisman is a businessman, money manager, and investor known for betting against subprime mortgages in 2008. Michael Lewis immortalised Steve Eisman’s contribution to the 2008 financial crisis in both book and movie form with “The Big Short”.

Eisman worked at FrontPoint Partners LLC, overseeing over $1 billion. Additionally, he established Emrys Partners with $23 million startup capital – this fund closed down in 2014.

Early Life and Education

Eisman was born and educated at Yeshiva schools before enrolling at University of Pennsylvania where he graduated magna cum laude in 1984. Following this he pursued law studies at Harvard Law School before working at Oppenheimer where Institutional Investor eventually recognized him as an All-Star analyst before dismissing him due to their nepotism rules.

Eismann gained national notoriety for betting against securitized subprime mortgages at FrontPoint Partners LLC and controlling over $1 billion there. His story was chronicled in Michael Lewis’ book The Big Short which later inspired a film adaptation starring Steve Carell – for which Carell received an Academy Award nomination.

Eisman married Valerie Feigen in 1989 and together had one child together named Max who tragically passed away due to the couple’s irresponsible habits.

Professional Career

Eisman is a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager with Neuberger Berman. He specializes in financial institutions and investment management groups as well as counseling clients on matters pertaining to non-financial institutions (NFTs).

Through his career, he’s earned a reputation for his unorthodox views. A frequent public speaker at events in Las Vegas, Toronto and Miami.

He was previously a partner and senior financial services analyst at Oppenheimer securities, where he earned all-star analyst recognition by Institutional Investor and The Wall Street Journal. Later he served as senior portfolio manager of FrontPoint Financial Services Fund and FrontPoint Financial Horizons Fund.

Michael Lewis made him famous with the movie and book entitled, The Big Short. His life and predictions played an instrumental role in forecasting and profiting from the 2008 housing crisis by shorting collateralized debt obligations, such as mortgage-backed securities. His story can be found both within these mediums.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Eisman is an influential American businessman, capitalist and investor. He rose to fame through his investment against subprime mortgages at FrontPoint Partners LLC; these events were captured in Michael Lewis’ book and film adaptation “The Big Short”. After leaving FrontPoint Partners LLC he founded Emrys Partners before joining Neuberger Berman as part of their Private Asset Management division where he currently manages over $811 Million on institutional clients under Eisman Group within Neuberger Berman.

He graduated from Yeshiva schools before enrolling at the University of Pennsylvania to obtain his Latin degree, later achieving an LLM at Harvard Law School.

Eisman has been married to Valerie Feigen since 1989. They share one child together named Max who unfortunately passed away due to his irresponsible lifestyle.

Personal Life

Steven Eisman is an American businessman and investor best known for his involvement with securitized subprime mortgages; this story was detailed in both book and movie versions of The Big Short. At present he works at Neuberger Berman as managing director and portfolio manager in its Eisman Group’s private asset management division.

He attended yeshiva schools before enrolling at the University of Pennsylvania as an honor student. Following graduation, he worked for Front Point Partners (a system owned by Morgan Stanley that also includes betting agencies), where he served as collateralized debt obligation team leader.

He made millions through shorting complex CDOs. Valerie Feigen is an ex-J. P. Morgan employee whom he married, and together they share one son named Max.

Net Worth

Steven Eisman reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of over $200 Million. He amassed this fortune through smart investments and successful bets in the financial markets. Furthermore, he makes frequent donations to various charitable causes.

Steve Eisman was born in New York City on July 8, 1962 and became well-known for shorting securitized subprime mortgages through FrontPoint Partners LLC, while Michael Lewis later wrote a book about him that became the basis for an Academy Award-nominated film starring Steve Carell.

Married to Valerie Feigen, they have one son together named Max. Currently he works as managing director and portfolio manager of Neuberger Berman’s private asset management division.

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