Steven Field

Steven Field

Steven Field has extensive experience in challenging property taxes throughout Illinois. He represents clients before municipalities, county boards of review and the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board.

As a patient advocate, he emphasizes the significance of learning patients’ stories to build stronger bonds between patient and caregiver.

Early Life and Education

Steven Field hails from Ambler, Pennsylvania and attended the University of Pittsburgh for college studies. There, he participated in Jewish campus activities as an Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity member, while also spending one year volunteering for AmeriCorps at Philadelphia’s West Philly Promise Zone.

As a Supreme Court Justice, he published 544 opinions (third-most among justices) and was known for championing substantive due process in several landmark cases like Slaughter-House Cases and Munn v Illinois.

Steve serves as Director of NIEER at GSE to further its mission of Achieve Excellence and Equity in Education. His research examines how public investments in early childhood lead to improved learning and development for children.

Professional Career

Steven Field is an established Illinois lawyer. Specializing in real estate assessment challenges, his expertise has saved his clients millions in property assessments. Steven has extensive experience arguing cases in front of municipal and circuit courts, boards of review, the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board and state tax departments.

As a GP at Bellevue Medical Centre in Birmingham on Friday mornings, Dr. Lee remains active in shaping the NHS reform plans to tackle inequality through new commissioners with clear mandates from government. Furthermore, he serves as chairman of both Royal College of General Practitioners and NHS Future Forum.

He frequently speaks about topics such as entrepreneurship, teamwork and motivation. Furthermore, his passion lies in helping individuals reach their goals through professional development coaching or career mentoring services.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Field is an authority on Immaterialism, an approach he developed through philosophical meditation. He publishes philosophy papers and lectures to students and groups at all levels of interest; furthermore he has an avid interest in Natural History as well as participating with civic preservation societies.

Field led North Marion High to win the 2015 Florida Athletic Coaches Association Class 5A State Championship and also served as recruiting coordinator and run game coordinator.

He currently holds the title of Sports Information Director at Bellevue University and manages media relations for all 16 intercollegiate sports played at Bellevue. Additionally, he has earned 24 CoSida awards for outstanding work producing, designing and editing collegiate athletic publications. As an active member of AVCA he serves on its national publications contest committees.

Personal Life

Steven Field serves as Director of High School Relations and NFL Liaison for Louisville football program, overseeing recruitment, high school scouting and tight ends coaching duties. Prior to his work at Louisville, Field served as head coach and offensive coordinator at North Marion High in 2014. Under his guidance, they reached a regional finals appearance during that season.

He has presented numerous philosophy papers and lectures to students and philosophical groups of all levels of interest, with an affinity for nature. He enjoys exploring off the beaten path. Furthermore, he serves on the CoSIDA Publications Contest Committee for three years as well as being an ex-college football player.

Net Worth

Field’s impressive career and transformation have undoubtedly enabled him to amass an impressive net worth. He credits this success to hard work, faith in a higher power and dedication towards improving lives through his foundation.

He and his family have also achieved much; his brothers were prominent New York attorneys and politicians while his nephew became one of the most acclaimed justices ever on the Supreme Court, becoming widely regarded as one of its most influential justices during their term on it.

He continues to invest in various businesses today, such as SportStream and TibaRay, while writing several books – his most recent offering being “The New Rules of Money”, an effort to help individuals become financially independent.

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