Steven Gore

Steven Gore

Steven Gore is a highly esteemed hematologist specializing in leukemia. He has published extensively on this subject, with both academic articles and books to his credit on this topic.

Gore has undertaken investigations in India, China, Europe and the Pacific Rim on issues including alien smuggling, arms trafficking, securities fraud and money laundering ranging from Arlington to Zurich.

Early Life and Education

Gore graduated from St. Albans School, an elite college preparatory day and boarding school located near Washington DC. While at St. Albans he participated in football and track, as well as tossing discus. Later that same year he attended Harvard College where he eventually earned a degree.

As a member of Congress, he worked tirelessly on many environmental issues. Additionally, he participated in the Democratic presidential primary of 1988 which he lost out to Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis.

At Pope Army Airfield in North Carolina, Gore serves as superintendent of the 43d Operations Support Squadron and oversees daily operations related to Joint Airdrop Inspections, Enroute and Range Scheduling and Airfield Management. His experiences can be found in his Graham Gage and Harlan Donnally novels that explore murder; fraud; organized crime corruption drugs sexuality trafficking as well as arms trafficking from Europe Asia America.

Professional Career

Gore is an internationally acclaimed author and expert in international crime. His books draw upon his vast experience as a private investigator to explore murder, fraud, money laundering, organized crime and drug trafficking cases throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Gore recorded his inaugural Peel Sessions for John Peel at “De Bakkerij” in Eindhoven on October 1987; four songs recorded for this LP later surfaced on their joint LP Gore/ Henry Rollins.

Messback Records will release their compilation album Slow Death soon, including a mixture of material from Mest 694’3 as well as live versions of four songs from Lifelong Deadline, plus an instrumental version of Door Schaduw en Stilte that was recorded with Dutch pop singer Henk Westbroek.

Achievement and Honors

Gore is best known as the author of the Graham Gage and Harlan Donnally international thriller series. His novels blend expert storytelling with insider knowledge pertaining to murder, fraud, organized crime, corruption, drug, sex and arms trafficking across Europe, America and Asia.

As Vice President, Al Gore championed national high-speed telecommunications networks and brought Internet access to schools and libraries nationwide. In 1986 he introduced the term “information superhighway,” making the network accessible to an expansive set of users.

As a member of Congress, Gore sponsored legislation across a spectrum of fields. He championed continued investments in advanced information technologies and networks – such as telecom and the Internet – while advocating a free market for these industries.

Personal Life

Gore counts British author Graham Greene and crime-fiction writer Ross MacDonald among his main influences. Later in his career, Gore began writing thrillers as a change of pace; using his experience investigating murder, fraud, organized crime, drugs, and arms trafficking across Europe and America to develop characters and situations for these writings.

After leaving politics, he and his wife discovered new hobbies such as landscape and portrait photography as well as leisure activities such as jogging and shopping. Friends reported their separation was amicable. Their new activities helped focus on family rebuilding while simultaneously lessening trauma associated with separation; plus they gained time to work on passion projects for their home.

Net Worth

Gore makes a healthy living as an environmental activist, earning well over $100,000 for each appearance he makes as an activist and also running GIM – a hedge fund investing in “green” technology companies.

He holds stakes in several technology firms, such as mobile music app Shazam Entertainment Ltd. (which received startup help from venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins). He was also appointed to Apple Inc.’s Board in March 2003 – earning him options on its stock for when it traded at around $7.50 a share.

He has worked with well-recognized directors like Jordan Peele in film and TV projects. Furthermore, his voice can be found voicing anime series like Final Space and Voltron: Legendary Defender.

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