Steven Hersem

Steven Hersem, a Director at Live Nation Entertainment

Steven Hersem is an art historian. He has written articles for academic journals and served on exhibition committees at museums and universities; additionally, he has contributed book chapters.

He and Cannon discussed the FBI’s overall counterterrorism strategy and how TFOS uses financial intelligence to shed light on unknown evidence in terror attack planning, preparation, and execution. They encouraged private sector partners to provide Suspicious Activity Reports directly to them for processing by the FBI.

Early Life and Education

Steven Hersem has been with Live Nation Entertainment since 2008 as Director, setting goals and devising strategies that meet company requirements. With both an MBA in Business Administration and Bachelor’s in Marketing under his belt, Steven has proven his worth at Live Nation.

He has organized exhibitions in Germany and Southern California. Additionally, he has taught in museums and academic settings. His curating often centers on multiple ways of seeing and image making that are inspired by philosophical, scientific, or sociopolitical ideas.

Meshal filed suit against Chris Higgenbotham and Steve Hersem, two FBI supervising special agents; as well as several U.S. government employees or agents that remain nameless to him. Meshal claimed these government agents subjected him to physical and psychological abuse in a Kenyan prison cell as well as denied access to lawyers during interrogation sessions.

Professional Career

Directors are accountable for overseeing and overseeing a company, devising goals and strategies to meet its needs. Steven Hersem serves as Senior Director Global Security Operations for Live Nation Entertainment.

Business Executives for National Security (BENS) hosted an informative briefing featuring FBI special agents Steven Hersem and Jeff Cannon from the Terrorist Financing Operations Section (TFOS). Hersem serves as operational branch chief, responsible for developing strategies against our nation’s most serious terrorist threats; Cannon oversees efforts by the TFOS to exploit financial intelligence to identify individuals and networks who fund or facilitate terrorism.

Personal Life

Steven Hersem is currently the Senior Director of Global Security Operations for Live Nation Entertainment and has been with them for more than three years. Married and living in Virginia with two children, he enjoys watching sports as well as reading. Additionally, traveling is something he greatly loves doing.

In 2018, he contributed to the Netflix series Terrorism Close Calls, in which former Central Intelligence Agency officials discuss terrorist attacks that were foiled by law enforcement.

Meshal asserted in his 50-page complaint filed with federal court that FBI agents, including Chris Higgenbotham and Hersem, along with others he does not recognize were physically and psychologically torturing him during custody. At one point he claims Hersem aggressively poked Meshal in the chest before screaming at him to confess their links to al Qaeda.

Net Worth

Steven Hersem has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 Million through his work as a security expert, producer and author. In 2018, his net worth was made evident on Netflix’s Terrorism Close Calls series which documented several attempted terrorist attacks that were successfully foiled by law enforcement authorities. Furthermore, Steven is executive producer for Mental Floss online news and entertainment site; additionally he sits on Live Nation Entertainment board of directors; in Virginia with family but also maintains an apartment in London.

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