Steven Hoover

Who is Steven Hoover?

Steven Hoover is one of the most celebrated television personalities. Known for hosting several popular programs including Little Big Shots and Steve, as well as being an influential voice on social media and serving on Rochester Institute of Technology’s Board of Trustees, Hoover is truly iconic in television culture.

Defendant Hoover engaged in misappropriating client funds through both HCM and Chestnut Management LLC, soliciting personal loans under false pretenses from clients without their knowledge, and overstating assets under management in securities offering documents.

Early Life and Education

Hoover was brought up a Quaker and internalized their belief in individual responsibility, freedom of thought, charity and conscientious work. Additionally, he applied engineering’s ethos in everyday life – believing that using its expertise effectively lead to human progress.

Hoover employed government to address economic challenges during the Great Depression. As commerce secretary, he promoted industrial standardization and promoted research into how the American economy worked. Hoover advocated trade associations – industry-wide cooperative groups which share information on prices, markets, and products as an effective medium between competition and monopoly – as an effective middle ground between competition and monopoly.

Hoover misled prospective investors, fraudulently misrepresenting that he and his family had invested their personal assets in the Fund, as well as fabricating claims about receiving substantial profits from investments made within it.

Professional Career

Growing up immersed in aviation and spending his formative years working on WWII aircraft, Hoover dreamt of becoming a military pilot but was later dissuaded after an initial medical physical revealed an eye condition which precluded that possibility. Instead, he turned to construction work before finding BELL Construction where he now serves as LLC Member and Project Executive for their Transportation Heavy Construction Division.

He possesses exceptional expertise at overseeing labor-intensive work, large equipment, procurement of long-lead time items, specialty building materials, and precision field engineering on an expansive scale – hallmarks of transportation projects including new builds, rebuilds, superstructure replacements and accelerated bridge construction. He has completed several highway and bridge repair and renovation projects and oversees every aspect of these complex and challenging endeavors.

Achievement and Honors

Hoover was an aviation enthusiast throughout his childhood years, working alongside his father and friends restoring WWII aircraft for restoration projects. This fostered many character traits or flaws – which eventually contributed to his success today.

Animal, a production and VFX facility located in Pittsburgh where he directs commercials and music videos, as well as his first feature film Blood Brother which premiered at Sundance and won multiple awards.

Kenneth Whyte brings Hoover’s life story alive in this groundbreaking biography: from his Iowa boyhood and business career through to saving millions from Mississippi floods of 1927, being misjudged as president and eventually coming full circle again as one of President Truman’s representatives for European relief after World War II. Kenneth Whyte offers us a complete picture.

Personal Life

Steven Hoover had an early passion for aviation, spending his formative years alongside his father and friends restoring WWII aircraft. Although he hoped to follow in their footsteps and become a military pilot himself, an unexpected medical issue discovered during an initial military physical foiled those plans.

Over an 18 month period, Hoover misappropriated funds from the Fund and used them for his personal gain. Furthermore, Hoover falsified records to conceal his involvement with this Fund from prospective investors.

Defendant Hoover is the sole owner and chief executive officer of HCM and Chestnut Management, as well as resident at 6000 Windsor Drive in Fairway, Kansas. Additionally, he serves as principal owner and division manager of SiteWorks Landscape Company which offers landscape services for spring training facilities, professional and collegiate sports arenas, casinos as well as commercial, retail and master planned communities.

Net Worth

Steven Hoover has an estimated net worth of approximately $184 thousand dollars and currently resides in Sulphur Springs, Texas, United States. He attended Saltillo High School and Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Hoover was the sole owner, chief executive officer, and portfolio manager of HCM and Chestnut Management; both firms are registered investment advisers with the SEC. Hoover solicited and obtained investments through falsely representing his personal financial status and nature of investments held within the Fund.

Hoover misappropriated Fund assets by making unwarranted withdrawals from client accounts and overbilling clients in violation of his fiduciary duties to them, while overstating assets under management in materials provided to clients, media and entities that rank investment managers.

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