Steven Kessler

Steven Kessler, Attorney at Law

Steven Kessler has published over a dozen volumes of poetry and literary translation, as well as edited or written several collections of essays. He currently resides in California.

After earning his BA in Acting from Boston University and working as a lighting designer at New England Repertory Theater, he started exploring deeper dimensions of human consciousness through various meditation and spiritual practices. For 16 years he studied Character Structure with Lynda Caesara through Diamond Heart school studies focusing on direct perception of energy.

Early Life and Education

Steven Spielberg is an acclaimed director known for helming many box-office hits. Additionally, he produced and directed Schindler’s List, an emotionally engaging Holocaust drama which earned several Academy Awards.

He is also widely-renowned as an advocate of the arts. He has taken part in saving many landmark buildings and sites – such as Los Angeles County Museum of Art – through preservation efforts.

He has also written many books on grief and dying processes. Perhaps his best-known work, coauthored with Elisabeth Kbler-Ross and entitled On Death and Dying, provides a roadmap for remembering those who have passed with more love than regret. Furthermore, he provides courses and workshops on grief management for individuals as well as groups.

Professional Career

Steve has extensive experience in various business transactions over his legal career, from acquisition and disposition of businesses and professional entities, equity and debt financing transactions, federal securities law compliance issues and post grant PTAB proceedings (on both sides), to representation.

Steve also specializes in social security disability (SSD) insurance and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cases, boasting extensive local knowledge of both systems as well as an impressive network of professionals that help him guide clients through red tape efficiently and ethically. He has earned himself a strong reputation among both peers and clients.

Achievement and Honors

As a member of the Order of the Coif, Kessler was invited to serve on the editorial board of the University of Virginia Law Review and publish numerous articles and book chapters related to forfeiture and criminal law.

As an author and contributor to both the New York Law Journal and other law reviews, he is frequently quoted and cited in court opinions and media of both legal and general circulation nationwide.

He is the author of two books on civil and criminal forfeiture, including New York Criminal and Civil Forfeiture (LexisNexis 2018), which won the Otto L. Walter Distinguished Writing Award from the New York State Bar Association. Additionally, he served as Editor-in-Chief of One on One newsletter of General Practice Section (4,000 members) of New York State Bar Association.

Personal Life

Steven Kessler is married and the proud parent of four children. In his community service, Steven serves as board member for both Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation and Albert Einstein Healthcare Network as well as being named a Gallery of Success honoree by Temple University in 2014. Additionally, Steven is also an accomplished author having published various articles related to law, business and music.

Mr. Kessler has long been revered as an esteemed attorney. Skilled at defending clients against government overreach on all levels – be it federal, state or local levels – Mr. Kessler is known as an invaluable resource among attorneys across the country and trusted with cases as varied as protecting millions seized at Salt Lake City International Airport or representing complex Ponzi scheme cases in West Virginia.

Net Worth

Kessler has an established track record representing clients in complex federal Ponzi scheme cases in West Virginia and New York courts as well as in mini Madoff litigation proceedings; as well as seeking the return of funds seized at Salt Lake City International Airport. Kessler also has extensive experience representing insurance carriers and their insureds before state and federal courts and arbitration forums.

Kessler also serves as director for Resource Capital Corp. (NYSE:RSO). Since 2015, according to Form 4 filings with the SEC, he has made about one trade of RSO stock worth an average of approximately $31,400 per trade; overall he owns 176,000 units of this stock.

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