Steven Lighting

Steven Lighting

Steven Lighting has extensive experience designing the lights for large EDM festivals and clubs, stadium tours and the Yuma tent at Coachella.

This purple ribbon, commonly known as STEVE, forms in much the same manner as auroras – electrons falling onto Earth’s atmosphere excitint oxygen molecules- but far south of where auroras typically form – making STEVE truly special, according to Gallardo-Lacourt.

Early Life and Education

Three years ago, an incredible purplish glow spread across Canada’s night sky in mysterious fashion, prompting scientists to give it its own name: Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement or “STEVE.” Although scientists still do not fully understand what causes its ribbons of reddish purple light, they have proven it does not originate with auroras as an explanation.

STEVE’s vertical ribbons are illuminated by friction between hot plasma flows and powerful magnetic waves approximately 15,000 miles above Earth, which ignites particles in the atmosphere to produce its glow – unlike an aurora, which causes precipitation of particles into space.

Light has illustrated several children’s books for Chronicle Books, such as Trucks Go and Trains Go. He also created two Hello Kitty Touch and Feel books as well as one Uncle Sam book in their Touch and Feel series.

Professional Career

Steven has completed numerous prestigious installation projects such as those at the Metropolitan Opera House, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Bellagio and Treasure Island Hotels in Las Vegas, six NBC Network Television Studios and seven cruise ship showrooms for Holland America Line. In addition to being an author of several textbooks on lighting design.

He delights in working with artists of various nationalities and backgrounds, believing lighting to be a powerful way of helping them express themselves creatively in an artistic manner. He especially relishes seeing crazy ideas come to fruition through light.

Darrell served on several committees, such as the Dean’s Faculty Advisory Committee and design and production area coordinator of Helmerich School of Drama at University of Oklahoma. A passionate Minnesota Twins fan, he enjoyed spending time with family.

Achievement and Honors

Steven has earned several IESNA Awards of Merit for Aquarium of the Pacific, Los Angeles Law Offices, Choctaw Casino & Resort and Dragons Wild Shooting dark ride. Additionally, in 2009 he earned an Themed Entertainment Association Thea Award for Beyond All Boundaries: 4D cinematic experience at National World War II Museum New Orleans.

He’s an outstanding collaborator who adds professionalism and creativity to all projects. Especially during tech periods, he provides invaluable assistance and always gives fresh new approaches.

He is an advocate for diversity within the industry and believes strongly in using lighting to engage an audience with a story. With his unparalleled talent for helping focus the world of a play through lighting design, which amplifies and illuminates each momentous scene of any performance, lighting becomes one of his greatest assets in telling any tale.

Personal Life

Steve has been actively engaged with Broward County communities for 21 years. For 11 of those years he served on the Cultural Division Executive Committee and gained a deep appreciation of arts and culture’s role in building strong communities.

His blend of knowledge, physiological relationship with light, technical virtuosity and creative talents have set him apart in an industry which blends art and science. His work transcends mere illumination by using light as a material capable of manipulating perception and redefining space.

When asked who his favourite clients are, he gives a modest response that it took more than just one amazing show to gain the respect of top professionals in his industry, something which he wears with great pride.

Net Worth

Steven has amassed an estimated net worth of $10 Million as the result of the success of his businesses and ability to share knowledge. He has delivered speeches at venues such as United Nations, South by Southwest and Ted Talk. Furthermore, he served as Dragon’s Den Judge and VTEX guest alongside Barack Obama.

Once a student at Manchester Metropolitan University, his entrepreneurial ideas overtook his studies. Consequently, he left and established Wallpark as a platform that allows students to advertise events, sell textbooks and more.

He has appeared on shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, becoming a prominent face of entertainment with a substantial following on social media and estimated net worth estimated to be approximately $12 Million.

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