Steven Lovett

Steven Lovett

Steven Lovett is an intellectual property litigation partner at Stoel Rives’ Portland office and specializes in commercial disputes between competitors, especially patent, trademark, and trade secret cases.

He lives on a hilltop in eastern Kansas with his family and their pack of dogs, enjoying warm winter evenings by crackling fires, cool autumn winds, hand-cut firewood stacks and telling tales that keep us all searching for magic in quiet spaces.

Early Life and Education

Lovett was born and raised on his family farm near Klein, Texas by his marketing executive father and training specialist mother. At Texas A&M University he majored in German and journalism before going onto graduate studies at Northwestern University in Chicago.

In 1988, Lyle Lovett released his debut album entitled Lyle Lovett. Though its sound deviated from that typically associated with Nashville music and featured undercurrents of folk rock jazz and classical, five tracks from it reached country top 40 charts; further cementing his reputation as an accomplished performer.

Pontiac followed his debut with more country flavor and strong blues influence, topping country charts and earning him a Grammy Award nomination while also showing that he could cross defined boundaries between country and pop music, according to Hugh Gregory’s Rough Guide to Rock editorship.

Professional Career

Steven Lovett is a partner at Stoel Rives where he handles commercial disputes between competitors. He specializes in cases involving patent infringement and trademark misappropriation as well as unfair competition.

He specializes in construction and real estate law, representing contractors, engineers, architects, homeowners and others in these industries. Additionally, he has managed a variety of complex trials and arbitration proceedings.

Lovett has carved out an additional career as a songwriter and performer outside of law, including being part of the Willie Nelson band as a backing vocalist, John Hiatt of Alabama and Patty Loveless among many others. Additionally, he has performed at presidential inaugural balls where he sang the national anthem for several presidents as well as raising money and awareness for lymphoma research while enjoying golf and spending time with his horses.

Achievement and Honors

He has appeared in various movies directed by Robert Altman: The Player (1992), Short Cuts (1993), Pret-a-Porter (1994) and Cookie’s Fortune (2000), in addition to appearing on Angels Sing television show.

Lovett holds both his law practice and an academic appointment at Emporia State University as a professor of business law, teaching courses on corporate governance, international business law and ethics. Additionally, he has lectured for CAR, National Business Institute and Continuing Education of the Bar.

Lovett enjoys relaxing by crackling fires, stacks of hand-cut firewood and stories that transport us all. He and his family find magic everywhere they travel – with Europe and Africa particularly being favorites – spending their sabbatical semesters teaching abroad.

Personal Life

Steven Lovett has long been an advocate of environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility in business. He offers undergraduate and graduate-level business law and ethics courses.

He is also a partner at Stoel Rives and specializes in commercial disputes between competitors, such as patent, trademark and trade secret issues as well as unfair competition cases. He represents clients from consumer products manufacturing and transportation industries.

Crackling fires, crisp autumn winds, hand-cut firewood stacks and stormy-grey oceans hold great appeal to him. He often spends his time hiking in and observing nature, as well as volunteering and contributing to lymphoma research efforts. Based in northeast Georgia with his wife and two dogs – as well as working his family’s commercial real estate firm.

Net Worth

Lovett amassed his fortune through wise stock investments, substantial real estate holdings, lucrative endorsement deals and the launch of cosmetic products bearing his name. Additionally, royalties from his music also contributed to this wealth accumulation.

He’s spent two decades seamlessly merging quality songcraft and top-tier musicianship.

Songs by Aaron Jones don’t fit the mold of those heard at Sixth Street bars; rather, his music incorporates elements of country Western folk jazz swing.

Lovett owned 199,999 Globalstar shares as of 14 November 2022, making seven trades over 19 years. Additionally, since 2004 he had served as Independent Director at Sekisui Diagnostics which manufactures medical and surgical diagnostic equipment with over 550 employees.

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