Steven Lux

Steven Lux – Partner at Topmark Partners

Steven Lux oversees all operations at Topmark Partners, from sourcing to underwriting and executing our growth equity investments. Based in Tampa, Florida he has made investments in 17 growth stage Florida companies.

Prior to his current role, Mr. Healy served as either a board member or observer for Choice Legal, Ott-Lite Technologies, Proficient Auto Transport and K4Connect – in addition to membership on both boards for Florida Venture Forum and local chapter of Association for Corporate Growth.

Early Life and Education

Steven Lux was raised in South Morang, Victoria. According to his family, he seemed like any ordinary suburban boy until he began operating an empire of darknet paedophilia websites from his own home. In June 2014, Steven pleaded guilty to 13 child pornography charges before the Victorian County Court.

Steven can be seen saving Ruby from an assault by rampaging Mawiles in Granite Cave and later recruiting her as part of Team Magma and Team Aqua’s effort against each other.

Steven attempts to stop Grand Meteor Delta from destroying Pokemon world. Later he battles Zinnia while controlling Registeel alongside Wallace and Relly before selling off his Villa.

Professional Career

At Topmark Partners, Steve Lux is responsible for sourcing, underwriting and executing growth equity investments for the firm. Based in Tampa, Florida – with 17 investments made across Florida- he serves on or serves as an observer to Proficient Auto Transport, ChoiceLegal and Ott-Lite Technologies boards or sits as an observer on their boards respectively.

At Bank One and its predecessor in Dallas, Texas he focused on leveraged buyouts of middle market companies with leveraged buyout loans. Additionally, he holds the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) designation.

Lux enjoys exercising and exploring California during his free time. He is an ardent hockey fan and supports his local youth ice hockey association; additionally, he has taken part in two New York City Marathons to raise funds for charities.

Achievement and Honors

Lux, a 34-year Air Force veteran, held command positions at squadron, group and center levels. A distinguished graduate of USAF Fighter Weapons School, Air Command and Staff College and four Master’s degree programs; in 2012 he received the ACHA Lifetime Achievement Award with an annual conference scholarship named in his honor for new college health professionals. Lux was also a fellow in American College Health Association who established Health Enhancement in 1982 in order to enhance college student health.

Personal Life

Steven Lux has amassed an impressive list of professional achievements. However, his family is equally important to him – two daughters and one son live with their mother in DeWitt, New York.

He currently serves as both a partner and board member at Topmark Partners, founding STRAX Intelligence as well as being on various other boards like Proficient Auto Transport, K4Connect, GTR, Vu Technologies Thrive Zaloni RideHealth AuthenTec etc.

He is an animal enthusiast and owns several dogs and cats as pets. Additionally, he hosts his podcast Wild Ride with Steve-O where he interviews celebrities such as Post Malone from Post Malone as well as Tom Delonge from Blink 182. Steve-O is also actively involved with many charities and actively contributes to many causes.

Net Worth

Lux Wright is an accomplished production designer, prop stylist, and photographer whose work has been showcased in multiple commercial ads and shows as well as several movies. Her popularity rose after she met and engaged Steve-O (Stephen Gilchrist Glover) a popular television personality, stunt performer and stand-up comedian who became her fiance.

He enjoys amassing a considerable following on social media, regularly sharing vlogs, vacation photos and images with his fiancee on Instagram and making exceptional videos on YouTube.

His family has moved around due to his father’s job, first moving from Brazil and Venezuela into Connecticut, Miami, and Canada – giving him an advantage in entertainment industry. These moves helped him acquire multiple languages and cultures which gave him an edge when entering entertainment world.

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