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A University of Arkansas Law Student Sues Arkansas State Police Trooper Steven Payton

Marion Humphrey of the University of Arkansas Law School is filing suit against an Arkansas State Police trooper after Trooper Steven Payton violated her constitutional rights during a traffic stop last August. Humphrey alleges Trooper Payton searched her rental truck before handcuffing and handcuffing him in her car for over an hour – an actionable breach.

The judge has not issued his verdict regarding whether or not this stop was justified.

Early Life and Education

Payton graduated from Grenada High School before serving in the United States Army as a command sergeant major. Since his military service ended he has served on multiple boards of directors such as AmSouth Bank, Ruby Tuesday, Liberty Corporation and ITT Corporation as well as serving on Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base’s Board of Visitors.

Humphrey’s attorney from Fayetteville, Connor Eldridge, asserts in the lawsuit filed on his behalf by Humphrey that Payton stopped him due to race. Eldridge says that when asked questions by Payton regarding his trip to Little Rock, Humphrey appeared nervous and provided answers that made Payton suspicious; consequently he called a dog to sniff his truck before handcuffing Humphrey for one hour while troopers searched his rental vehicle but found nothing during this search.

Professional Career

At various corporate boards, such as AmSouth Bancorporation, Ruby Tuesday and Liberty Corp, he has held board positions. Additionally, he served on both the American Society for Engineering Education Study National Advisory Council and Alabama Shakespeare Festival Royal Council boards of directors.

Payton led the Saints to three NFC Championships and one Super Bowl title during his 16-season tenure, being recognized with two NFL Coach of the Year Awards.

Payton is in search of a defensive coordinator and could pick any number of quality candidates available to him. While he might prefer someone within his division, there are still plenty of good candidates available – Gary Gibbs and Greg Williams from former New Orleans are still around, Steve Spagnuolo is now Chiefs DC so many good choices exist!

Achievement and Honors

CSM Payton served over 33 years in the United States Army and held positions including Senior Enlisted Fellow to the Department of Veterans Affairs as well as battalion, brigade, Combined Forces Command staff member and four-Star command level positions.

He was widely respected as an academic leader, orator, and scholar within higher education, giving the first George Washington Carver Lecture at the Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges Annual Meeting in 1999. Additionally, he belonged to several professional and social organizations such as Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc and Sigma Pi Phi Boule.

The FCS Walter Payton Award recipient is announced annually during a live show that airs the evening prior to the championship game. A trophy honoring their achievement is designed after a sculpture created of Payton in 1969.

Personal Life

At both ends of the field and off it, he made an impactful statement about who we were as people and our society in general. A leader on the Falcons Social Justice Committee and educator of young people about their rights.

Early this year, he made headlines when he invited Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson and Yusef Salaam from prison into Falcons training camp session to talk about their experiences and journeys through criminal justice system.

Home Team on Netflix does an effective job at downplaying Payton’s involvement in Bountygate while depicting him as a more likeable and funny character, taking some liberties with his life story but overall providing a pleasant viewing experience. He is survived by Angelio and their two sons.

Net Worth

He is an iconic American football player, having amassed an immense net worth of $260 Million through his career. As such, he ranks among America’s wealthiest footballers.

He hosts a weekend sports radio program on WGN-TV and lives with his wonderful wife and their two children: Jaden and Madison.

He has served in the United States Army as a Command Sergeant Major for over 33 years and received many awards for his services – being recognized as an inspiration and revered as an American hero. Additionally, he boasts many followers on his social media accounts.

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