Steven Salem

How Much Is Steven Salem Worth?

Steven Salem was a professional Brawl player who competed both online and offline tournaments. He gained prominence by winning Apex 2013 against MikeHaze, Otori, Dojo, and Mew2King in both winners and grand finals sets.

Reverend Samuel Parris stands as an example of the dangers inherent in religious authority when used for personal gain and deceitful means, while for others he was an important player in Salem witch trials in 1692.

Early Life and Education

Steven Salem grew up in south florida. He attended public schools and understood the value of education, as well as being active with volunteer programs such as Mystic Aquarium and Super Leaders.

Crown College granted him his undergraduate degree in Biblical studies and soon after taking an internship position at Salem Covenant Church where he now ministers and has served in multiple aspects of ministry.

He has served as manager for numerous popular bands, such as Full Force, UTFO and Lisa-Lisa and Cult Jam. Additionally, he is an avid follower of baseball – particularly Virginia Cavaliers – while living in Roanoke with his wife and two children. When not managing bands he enjoys spending time with family, watching sports events or reading books.

Professional Career

Steve worked for several years as a business manager. His clients included Full Force, UTFO, Lisa-Lisa & Cult Jam and Snow; in addition he provided consulting services for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to pass legislation protecting child safety.

Steve met Kayla Brady through work and fell deeply in love with her. Later he learned she was Adrienne Deveraux; but when Jack Deveraux began showing an interest in Kayla, Steve rejected her so that she would go with him instead.

Later, Steve was kidnapped by Victor Kiriakis and held hostage along with Hope Johnson, Bo Brady, and Ava Vitali before Roman II/John Black rescued them all. Steve got involved with Victor’s men during a fight and damaged his eye socket; thus forcing him to wear a patch again.

Achievement and Honors

Salem serves on the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans – an organization which honors individuals who have succeeded despite hardship while remaining committed to higher education and charitable activities – as an Executive Board Member, while on its Advisory Board and also provides youth leadership and development programs – respectively.

He is an accomplished Smash 4 player and considered one of the premier Bayonetta mains worldwide. At EVO 2017, he defeated players such as KEN, Tweek and Larry Lurr before defeating ZeRo in grand finals to claim victory and claim victory for himself and win the tournament.

Kerry Ramunno and her husband Joseph Ramunno are active community volunteers, serving on both Kent State at Salem Advisory Board and Rural Scholars Committee and helping students take college classes while still in high school. Additionally, they were instrumental in raising significant private support for Kent State at Salem’s new Health and Sciences Wing that houses their Ramunno Family Student Study Lounge.

Personal Life

Salem serves as President of the Cal Ripken Foundation. Under his direction, it has grown into an impactful nationwide organization, having reached more than 1.2 million at-risk youth from underserved communities nationwide.

He has managed several bands including Full Force, UTFO, Lisa-Lisa & Cult Jam and Snow. As a professional Smash 4 player ranked sixth best by PGR100 at Apex 2013 tournament he made history by defeating MikeHaze, Mr.R, Otori Mikeneko Mikeneko to claim victory as tournament champion over Mew2King who battled him 10 game set-wise to claim first place as tournament champion.

Burton first gained fame on General Hospital (NBC, 1991-2012), playing Harris Michaels for 16 years until 2021 after an argument over its COVID-19 vaccination policy. Since then he has made guest appearances in Peacock’s Days of Our Lives spinoff Beyond Salem alongside Deidre Hall as Marlena and Drake Hogestyn as John Black.

Net Worth

Salem has amassed an immense online following and many are curious as to his true worth. After 23 years working as a soap actor – winning multiple Daytime Emmy awards along the way! Additionally he voiced Cloud Strife for Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy games!

He is a Senior Director at Salem Partners with 17 years of experience in media and entertainment financing transactions, having overseen over $7 billion worth of cutting-edge film production, distribution, library acquisition deals with clients like Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros, and Freeway Entertainment.

Mr. Whelan joined Salem Partners in May 2023 as Transaction Sourcing and Execution Coordinator within their media and entertainment practice. Prior to that he worked in the Technology Media & Telecom Investment Banking group at Solomon Partners; an alternative middle market investment bank.

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