Steven Salvati

Steven Salvati

Steven Salvati is an internal medicine specialist located in Brooklyn, New York. Internal medicine physicians treat various conditions and can serve as primary care physicians as well.

Freytes-Rivera claimed that Salvati assaulted him, stole his watch, and falsified evidence at the crash scene – claims which the CRB ultimately disproved as valid.

Early Life and Education

Steven Salvati may be new to Gloucester County as an assistant prosecutor, but his office at the prosecutor’s building in Woodbury feels familiar to him. The sparse space reflects his father Frank Salvati’s former office; its walls once decorated by caricatures of Frank greet him every morning when he opens them up.

Dr. Salvati was called on as a stand-in and partially performed as one of Lara Doree’s brides in Dracula when she unexpectedly became unavailable, alongside Monica who also played in the film.

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Professional Career

Stephen Salvati has been producing, editing and directing films since 2006. His two short documentaries have been shown at various film festivals around the globe and is currently at work on both a feature film and multiple television shows.

He holds both a B.A. in English language and literature as well as an M.Ed degree in Educational Psychology. In addition to teaching English at various schools, colleges, and universities, he has worked as music producer for such artists as Trace Cyrus, Yellowcard, Mod Sun, Taking Back Sunday and Machine Gun Kelly.

Steven Salvati’s new office at the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office in Woodbury may look unassuming at first, but its decor carries with it an air of familiarity; after all, this was where his father Frank once worked as an assistant prosecutor. Next week will mark Steven’s start at this position.

Personal Life

Stephen Salvati is an award-winning film producer. He has produced, directed, edited and written several short films as well as working on two feature-length projects simultaneously. Additionally, he founded Nin-Judo; an advanced version of Judo.

He is married, has three children – Monica, Angela and Paul – and currently resides in Naples, Florida with his extended family. Additionally he actively volunteers his services for charitable efforts in his local community.

Steve’s office at Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office in Woodbury may seem sparse at first, but it holds special memories for him: Frank worked there for many years as an assistant prosecutor, taking Steven to court on “bring your child” days with him as an assistant prosecutor; now it’s his turn! This legacy job has now been passed onto Steve’s own son Steve.

Net Worth

The actor has not provided much detail about his personal life to the public. It appears he is focused on his career rather than giving relationship issues more consideration.

He has amassed quite a fortune through various streams of income; however, details regarding it don’t appear to have been publicly revealed.

He boasts extensive acting experience and has participated in several TV shows as well as music videos. With hard work and dedication he will undoubtedly accomplish all his goals and dreams.

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