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Steven Semoff Net Worth – Who is Steven Semoff?

The Steven Semoff Lung Capacity Test is one of the key assessments used to measure people’s health status. Additionally, this test can also detect serious diseases such as lung problems, heart failure and pulmonary fibrosis.

Public records indicate that Vicki K Semoff resides in New York. She may be associated with Alexandra C Donato, Geoffrey Kaufman and Suzanne Scheidegger.

Early Life and Education

Steven Semoff was born and raised in Clarkstown, New York before attending high school at Monroe High School before receiving his Bachelor’s in Economics from University of Michigan and later earning a Master’s in Finance from New York Institute of Technology. While serving in the U.S. Air Force as an aircraft mechanic. On January 15, 2019, at 65 years old he tragically passed away following an automobile accident on North Little Tor Road; Chief (Jeff) Wanamaker and Clarkstown Police Department extend their deepest sympathies to family, friends, coworkers in this difficult time of grief and loss.

Professional Career

Steven Semoff is an American entrepreneur. He founded and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Scent2market, a technology company which allows companies to design and deploy fragrances via mobile devices. Steven has over seven years of experience working within this industry.

He is also the co-founder of Scent4Good, a social enterprise using scent to improve lives for those living with HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, in addition to his professional endeavors he has donated over $1.2 million towards helping those affected with the virus.

People with the last name Semoff tend to reside predominantly in New York and tend to be married couples with high household income.

Personal Life

Steven Semoff has filed multiple patent applications, which cover inventions related to business software, mobile apps and internet services. Additionally, he is involved with developing new drugs. Steven currently resides in New York with his wife and one child.

He is connected with numerous individuals and is related to several relatives such as Alexandra C Donato, Geoffrey Kaufman, Suzanne Scheidegger as well as having various aliases including Vicki Someff and Semoff Vicki Windman.

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Net Worth

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