Steven Stull

Steven Stull

Steven Stull holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a double major in finance and accounting from Storehouse Financial LLC and Stull CPA LLC, two firms which he is associated with as partners.

Delbert said Stull could be on his truck and in the fire hall within three minutes, making him an invaluable volunteer responder. “He’s truly remarkable!” Delbert exclaimed.

Early Life and Education

Steven Stull is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist and singer who regularly appears with the Cayuga Chamber Orchestra and Ithaca Opera. His video production, Opera Cowpokes, can be seen on public television while Alligator Mouth Improv performs under his leadership as well as working closely with Jeanne Goddard on dance performances at CRS Barn Studio.

He holds memberships with the Loyal Order of Moose Brooklyn Lodge, F.O.E Aerie #2154 of Ann Arbor and Maybee Sportsman’s Club; hunting and golfing are among his hobbies in his free time. In addition, he is a life member of Saline Fire Department’s Volunteer Department where he has volunteered for 44 years; according to his father Delbert he could be ready for service within 3 minutes!

Professional Career

Steven Stull is an eminent venture capitalist and private equity investor with more than 35 years of investment experience. As the President of Advantage Capital, he also sits on several portfolio companies’ boards of directors including FleetCor Technologies, HRI Properties and OMNI Energy.

He also brings extensive experience in capital formation for small businesses, having worked at both a venture capital firm and commercial bank’s investments department. Prior to that he served as an executive at a major life insurer’s Investment Department where he oversaw the Securities Division and coordinated real estate finance transactions.

In 2012, Stull joined Telarus as a regional channel business development manager, serving partners throughout Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia and western Pennsylvania. He holds a Series 65 license that designates him as an investment advisor representative, as well as licenses to work in California, Louisiana and Texas.

Achievement and Honors

Oberlin Conservatory needed a dean early in 2004, but had little need to look elsewhere than within their offices for one. Associate dean David Stull had earned such great respect during his four years on the job that those responsible believed their leader must already be sitting there in Stull’s chair.

Stull has organized student tours across the U.S. and China, highlighting not only Oberlin Orchestra but also other world-class ensembles from his school. Through key relationships and funding sources he has established new construction projects, renovations to existing ones, programs professorships, collections designed to enhance learning experiences as well as construction of sweepstakes renovations aimed at revitalizing historic properties.

Robert is actively engaged with local volunteer fire and rescue organizations, serving as Secretary for Rocky Ridge VFC as well as providing Hazmat Refresher Training to firefighters. Additionally, he serves on Lewistown District Board of Education as well as Maryland State Council of Volunteer Organizations.

Personal Life

Steven Stull is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and public servant who has become nationally renowned for his promotion of entrepreneurship in Louisiana. As founder of Advantage Capital – a venture capital firm – with more than 35 years of investment experience under his belt he currently serves on several Advantage Capital portfolio companies such as FleetCor Technologies and HRI Properties’ boards as a director.

He has worked within both commercial banks and savings and loan associations. Additionally, he holds both a bachelor’s degree in Finance & Economics as well as an MBA from Washington University in St Louis.

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Net Worth

He lives in a luxurious bungalow and drives his own luxury car, while frequently travelling the globe. Furthermore, his assets include real estate holdings as well as stocks and investments.

He has amassed an estimated net worth of over $2.5 billion. As founding partner and CEO of Storehouse Financial, an investment advisory firm, he possesses 24 years of experience within this industry specializing in financial planning and portfolio management.

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