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Epic Counselor – Steven Hayes

Steven takes great pleasure in counseling clients who identify as minorities, young adults and LGBTQIA+. His work with them allows them to discover who they are while enhancing their coping skills through cognitive behavior therapy and Seeking Safety approaches.

Steven believes that kindness and authenticity are the best ways to connect with people, while showing great empathy towards those experiencing grief, loss or trauma.

Early Life and Education

Steven has an extensive background working with special needs students. He finds his work very fulfilling, especially witnessing their progress and feeling appreciated for it by Epic’s strong support and acknowledgment of his skills and experience.

He is an advocate for LGBTQ rights and believes it’s essential to treat everyone with kindness and respect. His work focuses on helping individuals connect with themselves and identify authentic ways of being.

He utilizes an integrative approach that draws upon aspects of CBT, Gestalt therapy and Relational Frame Theory in order to assist his clients. He believes that one’s past experiences and beliefs play a part in shaping current behaviors; working collaboratively with clients he helps explore how these beliefs may be impacting them in daily life.

Professional Career

Steven is a Licenced Clinical Professional Counselor and has extensive experience across a range of clinical settings, such as residential treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient therapy and in-home psychiatric programs.

He provides assistance to young adults, adolescents, and adults struggling with issues of depression, anxiety, stress management, self-injury, body image issues, career exploration and relationships. Utilizing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), his primary method of intervention.

Steve spends his free time exercising at Koda Crossfit Tulsa, competing in local Crossfit competitions, running, golfing and watching Oklahoma Sooners football games. Additionally, he gives back by volunteering his time educating physical therapists on Vestibular Rehabilitation – plus, spending quality time with family and friends!

Achievement and Honors

Steven Hayes has published numerous articles related to psychology and behavioral sciences, and is widely recognized as an authority on these subjects. Additionally, he taught university classes and mentored many leading researchers within this field.

Steve understands the difficulties surrounding loss, grief and addiction from personal experience. Additionally, his experiences have provided a unique vantage point regarding shame that allows him to meet people where they are and provide a space of acceptance rather than judgment.

He has provided assistance to patients undergoing surgery as well as those suffering from various orthopedic and neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and traumatic brain injury. In addition, he is certified for the LSVT BIG program, an innovative approach to help Parkinson’s patients move larger movements while speaking louder voices.

Personal Life

Steven knows it can be challenging to decide to come for therapy, so he strives to create an atmosphere in which you can be yourself for 45 minutes each week.

He has extensive experience addressing complex emotional issues including trauma, anxiety and depression. Additionally, he is trained in EMDR, Somatic Experiencing and Jungian dream interpretation techniques as well as receiving intensive ketamine-assisted therapy training responsibly and ethically.

His interests lie primarily in queer identities and non-monogamous relationships, shame, and religious trauma – areas in which he himself has experienced difficulties personally. Through personal experiences relating to these subjects he has developed deep empathy and compassion for those experiencing these struggles; and is committed to meeting clients where they are. Kindness and authenticity are his two go-to approaches when building rapport with clients.

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