Steven Tomsic

Steven Tomsic

Steven Tomsic currently serves as Chief Financial Officer for Fox Corporation. In this capacity he oversees all finance functions, such as capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, treasury management, risk mitigation strategies as well as accounting, external reporting and external stakeholder relations.

Mr Tomsic has conducted over six trades of Fox stock since 2020, the most substantial being exercising 39,176 units worth an aggregate value of $1,228,168 on 15 August 2022.

Early Life and Education

Steven Silvester Tomsic serves as Chief Financial Officer for Fox Corp and sits on Premiere AG’s Supervisory Board. Prior to that role, he held positions such as Director-Corporate Finance & Planning at News Corp London as well as Vice President roles with News Corp Europe & Asia Inc and Sky Deutschland GmbH. Steven holds both his Bachelor’s and MBA from Melbourne Business School respectively.

Frances Tomsic lived with her husband Atloff Tomsic and three children until she passed away at age 96 on March 20, 1996 in London, at death place.

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Professional Career

Steven Silvester Tomsic has over three decades of experience working in finance. Currently serving as Chief Financial Officer of Fox Corporation, his responsibilities encompass capital markets, merger and acquisition transactions, treasury, risk management, tax, financial planning and analysis as well as accounting and external reporting. Prior to this role at 21CF – which split off into its own independent public company on March 2019 – he held various leadership roles with 21CF-related entities such as European Asia corporate offices, European channels businesses Sky Italia and FOXTEL Australia among many others.

Tomsic has conducted six trades of FOX stock worth more than $4,106,044 since 2020 according to forms filed with the SEC. As of 15 August 2022 he holds 39,176 units of the stock.

Personal Life

Steven Silvester Tomsic lives in Willoughby, Ohio with his wife and two sons. He holds an undergraduate degree from University of Melbourne and an MBA from Melbourne Business School; currently, he serves on the boards of Alliance Yapim Ltd and Latvian Independent Television as well as former roles including Director-Corporate Finance & Planning with News Corp London; Vice President with News Corp Europe LLC and Chief Financial Officer with Sky Deutschland GmbH (all within 2022 fiscal year); his total compensation in 2022 fiscal year totalled $6,136,772.

He has not engaged in any insider transactions over the last 18 months and other directors and executives at his company include Lachlan K Murdoch and Keith Rupert Murdoch, with its market capitalization standing at $3,017 billion and sporting a beta value of 0.97 and an earnings-to-price ratio of 107.

Net Worth

Tomsic earned $6,136,772 as Chief Financial Officer at Fox Corp in 2022 – this figure includes salary, bonus and other compensation. He held numerous other roles during this time such as Director-Corporate Finance & Planning at News Corp London; Vice President at News Corp Europe Asia Inc; and Chief Financial Officer for Sky Deutschland AG. Tomsic holds both an undergraduate degree from University of Melbourne as well as an MBA degree from Melbourne Business School.

Since 2020, he has engaged in six trades of FOXA stock and on 15 August 2022 exercised 39,176 units valued at over $1,317,097 to substantially increase his personal net worth. Today, he owns over 122,131 shares. It represents a steady rise over four years for himself.

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