Steven Velozo

Steven Velozo, 47, of Swansea, RI, Passed Away on October 1

Steven Velozo has extensive expertise in data research, application architecture and software engineering. He holds six patents and has co-founded multiple successful companies that deliver groundbreaking data analytics applications.

He currently resides at 394 Main St, Apt 2 in Little Compton, Rhode Island and has become well-known ten pin bowler who has won many trophies in competitions across the state.

Early Life and Education

Steven (pronounced [stvan/ STEEV-n]) is a masculine given name derived from the Greek name Stephanos, commonly spelt as Stephen or Steve and often mispronounced as ‘stfanoU/ st-FAHN”.

William (Bill) Fahy of Swansea, MA 02726, graduated from Somerset High School before earning an Associates Degree from Johnson & Wales University of Providence for Culinary Arts. Additionally, he was honored as part of National Honor Society.

He was an enthusiastic guitarist who enjoyed participating in open mic nights at Sandywoods Farm in Tiverton. Additionally, he loved driving his 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air antique car and camping at South Shore Beach. Most importantly, however, he was extremely proud of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren – they will miss him greatly; instead of sending flowers donations can be made in his memory to fund Khloe’s education fund.

Professional Career

Steve Velozo was 47 years old and lived in Swansea. He attended Somerset High School before earning an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales University of Providence.

Veloso takes to the stage as Caetano. He speaks freely, improvises freely and sometimes sings lyrics set to music by 19th-century Brazilian abolitionist Joaquim Nabuco – sometimes singing it himself! But sometimes he will switch gears entirely into long stretches of solo guitar work similar to what Joao Gilberto used to perform.

Witness accounts regarding Velozo’s incapacitation largely agree on one thing: when it was apparent he was unresponsive, two men took him down from his chair and restrained him on the ground. But details regarding how Velozo was held vary depending on who witnessed and many witness accounts are disproved by law enforcement officials. NBC 10 has obtained documents and interviews which provide further insight into what occurred during this encounter.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Velozo is an esteemed data scientist, having earned six patents covering large data processing environments to augmented reality machine learning. With two decades of senior leadership experience combined with his robust software engineering skill set, Steven has proven his value.

Steven Velozo was born into a low-middle class family outside Salvador, Bahia, Brazil and first became interested in music after listening to albums by Joao Gilberto and Maria Bethania – two renowned bossa nova musicians at that time.

He graduated in 1992 from Somerset High School, earned an associate degree in Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University of Providence and resided in Swansea. Zoleen Velozo is survived by Chris Stanley as well as their beloved granddaughter Khloe Lynch who remains close to them both.

Personal Life

Rhode Island law prohibiting grand jury proceedings led to no details being shared about this investigation; therefore no criminal charges were pursued following the October 1 death at Pottersville Road in Little Compton.

Velozo was an accomplished ten pin bowler who could regularly be found competing at Somerset Holiday Lanes, winning several trophies and awards along the way. Additionally, he was an ardent New England sports fan, cheering for both Patriots and Red Sox games.

He leaves his longtime companion Christine Stanley of Swansea as well as three children – Debra Mumford (and Kirk), Steven Velozo of Somerset and Timothy Machado of Swansea) as well as four grandchildren – Nicholas, Kaitlyn, Lauren and Zachary with two great-grandchildren: Aiden and Khloe – behind. A funeral service will take place Tuesday February 25th at 12 noon at Hathaway Community Funeral Homes located on Buffinton Street Somerset.

Net Worth

Babyface is one of the industry’s most well-recognized musicians and producers, having amassed an immense fortune through his hard work. He has collaborated with various artists and helped produce several hits. Babyface has not only established himself as a musician but is also an accomplished businessperson, having invested in multiple companies over his lifetime and currently estimated to be worth an estimated $3 Million. He currently resides in Somerset, MA with his mother Zoleen and her longtime companion Chris Stanley as well as their granddaughter Khloe Lynch – their pride and joy! Henry Velozo (wife Elaine), Katie McCabe (husband Erik), Jonathan Velozo, Lindsey Mello and Amy Evangelist (husband Nicholas). Donations may be made to help further his granddaughter’s education in lieu of flowers.

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