Steven Whitman

Steven Whitman

Steven Whitman is a senior security specialist with Kratos Defense and Security Solutions, with expertise in dignitary protection as well as physical security assessments and training services.

Martindale-Hubbell has given him an AV Preeminent rating. With more than 50 years of experience practicing law in Massachusetts and courtroom expertise that has helped his clients recover millions in compensation payments, his expertise can help any case move swiftly forward to resolution.

Early Life and Education

Steven Whitman is an esteemed Boston personal injury attorney. With more than 32 years of practice and being recognized by Martindale-Hubble as an AV Preeminent attorney, Steven has represented clients from all backgrounds – he strives to seek justice on their behalf.

Hammond recalls feeling isolated as one of only a small number of Black students attending Whitman. Fostering inclusion and mentorship was important to him at that time; now it drives his work with USGS as well as his responsibilities as trustee of Whitman.

He has also served on two non-profit boards and was once part of the Plymouth, NH Planning Board.

Professional Career

Steven Whitman has over three decades of experience as a software engineer, working most recently for Cognex Manufacturing Industry. Additionally, he serves on Plymouth NH Planning Board and two non-profit boards and established Resilience Planning & Design to assist communities and organizations with planning initiatives that strengthen their vision of a bright future.

Steven Whitman holds a Master of Professional Accounting from the Foster School. Over his career he has held positions at several companies such as The Vanguard Group, Research Business Development Center, American Medical Response, Chiz’s Fresh Foods Moonshot 11 & Hawkins Wood Shop as well as Missionsquare Retirement Board membership & board service and being licensed in Washington DC as an FASB Member as well as earning Martindale-Hubbell’s AV Preeminent Rating status.

Achievement and Honors

Whitman was a four-year starter and letterwinner in goal, holding multiple season and career goalkeeping school records. He was named team’s MVP his senior year as well as receiving All Midwest District honors. Today he works at Kratos Defense and Security Solutions in San Diego, California.

Whitman supplemented his formal education with extensive self-education. He was exposed to many ideas through subscription to a circulating library and avid reading of nonfiction and poetry works.

We have access to one notebook which outlines some of his most compelling ideas, including his famed comments on “Dilation”, the “true noble expanding American character”, and soul enfoldment. Furthermore, this work sets the stage and articulates ideas which would allow him to eventually write Leaves of Grass.

Personal Life

Steven Whitman is a Boston personal injury attorney committed to representing those injured due to the negligence of others. His reputation with Martindale-Hubbell stands as an endorsement, while he holds membership in the Massachusetts Bar Association.

Whitman spent much of this period living and writing newspaper pieces on Brooklyn history; during this time he may have initiated romantic relations with Fred Vaughan (whose death Whitman memorialized in 1860 edition of Leaves of Grass with homoerotic and deeply emotional verse).

In 1846 he left schoolteaching to work for McClure on his newspaper, which required frequent travel by train, steamboat and stagecoach. This exposure broadened his perception of Americas vast and diverse landscape while reinforcing his belief in national unity despite internal contradictions and external diversity.

Net Worth

He has appeared in various films such as “Cimarron Strip”, “San Francisco Urgent”, “The New Centurions”, and “SWAT”. Additionally, he has made several television series appearances, such as Gallery of Terror” and Double Charge”.

He worked at Oppenheimer Co. Inc, until being fired due to customer complaints in 2021. Since then he has served as a consultant for numerous private equity funds.

He has invested in various public companies such as Danaher, Enovis and ESAB as well as private equity funds; according to Form 4 filings his stake in Danaher is estimated at 4.8% of total shares held; furthermore he was an important shareholder of Natural Gas Partners which invests its investments on Cayman Islands tax havens.

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