Surreal Gang Drum Kit

The Surreal Gang – A Review

The Surreal gang were given a month to record an album of their choosing. It’s no wonder they managed to churn out an impressive number of quality tunes. One of the most noteworthy contributions to the disc is the sonic bonanza that is Long Train Ride Home. The riffs are akin to watching a seasoned pros at work, and the band’s signature song teems with neo-psychedelic swagger. The band has the makings of a bona fide cult. They’re still working on their sophomore LP, though, and it looks like the upcoming swag fest is going to be in good hands. This was the group’s best recorded performance yet, and you’re not likely to hear anything less from them.

A look at their discography indicates they’re one of the heaviest hitters in the Swiss independent scene. Their ten albums to date represent a diverse array of musical styles, from garage to nu-jazz, but their knack for crafting quality tunes is undeniable. This is especially true of the group’s latest release, Mt Surreal. The band is a well-oiled machine, and it’s obvious that a lot of time and energy was poured into this record. Their sonic outputs notwithstanding, it’s easy to see why the group’s current lineup consists of five musicians: Anita Rufer (guitar, vocals), Gabriele De Mario (guitar, keys), Anders Bruggers (keys, sax, keys), and Matteo Mancini (bass, drums). Having been together for over three decades, they haven’t been shy about letting the cat out of the bag, and the resulting discography speaks for itself.

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