Tennessee Olives

Tennessee Olives

Olives add an exciting burst of flavor, and are essential after an indulgent holiday season filled with sweet treats.

Olive trees thrive in USDA Hardiness Zone 7 environments, yielding fresh gourmet olive oils and balsamic vinegars that you can find locally. Discover what varieties may be in your region!

Early Life and Education

Olive was an exemplary educator, serving Nashville public school system for over thirty years. Additionally, she was an avid competitive bridge player who hosted many themed parties and club gatherings.

Olive Tilford Dargan wrote poetry highlighting mountains and rural life, such as Cycle’s Rim, Lute & Furrow and Highland Annals. Additionally, she collaborated with folklorist Cecil J. Sharp to co-author English Folk-Songs from the Southern Appalachian Mountains – the first songbook ever to record traditional melodies along with ballad lyrics.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency joined forces with Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Cherokee Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation to fight an invasive, non-native plant called Autumn Olive that threatens native trees for sunlight and nutrients. It could take over Baker’s Fields near Sylco Campground within the Park if left unchecked.

Achievement and Honors

Mai Olive was a frequent guest vocalist at special events and an accomplished traveler, having visited Africa, Europe, Russia, South America and the Holy Land among many other destinations. Additionally, Mai was an active member of First Baptist Church Capitol Hill as well as an avid bridge player; her bridge attire featured one of Mai’s signature hats to add flair.

Mt. Olive was honored to receive numerous awards and honors throughout her life and career, most recently at the TSSAA Middle Regional Meeting on Tuesday when she received two prestigious honors – District 4 Athletic Director of the Year and Class AAA A.F Bridges Divisional Award for Sportsmanship from TSSAA Middle Regional Meeting. Additionally, Mt. Olive donated product and financial support to numerous nonprofit and civic organizations annually such as Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina.

Personal Life

Olive loved her family and friends with all her heart, always with an open and generous spirit. A true Southern lady of charm, elegance, fun and wit – Olive will forever be missed by everyone she knew and touched in life.

Olive is homeschooled due to osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease. She lives with her mother and stepdad in Wildwood, Tennessee in an eccentric family and neighborhood environment; their quirky interactions bring Olive’s story vividly to life while weaving realistic aspects into magical elements from her Hummingbird legend seamlessly together. Olive makes a captivating protagonist who remains convincing even when discouraged or saddened.

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