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Olives and Celery – Two Unforgettable Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving offers Americans an opportunity to experiment in the kitchen while maintaining traditions. Experimentation can add variety to Thanksgiving feasts while surprising family and friends with something unexpected.

Thanksgiving meals often consist of traditional foods such as turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce – but adding olives can take your meal to another level!

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At Thanksgiving time of year, families gather together to prepare delicious Thanksgiving dishes and appetizers. One way to enhance both taste and health of your dishes is replacing butter with olive oil – an organic, kosher, vegan solution!

Olives first became widely available in America following the 1860s, and were quickly added to Thanksgiving menus around this time. Olives were often combined with celery as palate cleansers – especially important if there were no servants around to provide sorbet between courses.

A 1924 newspaper ad stated that a Thanksgiving meal would not be complete without celery and olives as essential components. These two vegetables remain staples on many Thanksgiving dishes as decorative garnishes or light appetizers to accompany calorie-laden turkey, carbs, and wine dishes alike.

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People often think of sweet potatoes, turkey, gravy, cranberries and stuffing when they think of Thanksgiving dinners; but for nearly 100 years celery and olives were integral components to traditional Thanksgiving banquets.

Celery and olives provided guests with the ideal palate cleanser before embarking on a rich, heavy meal, particularly among European-influenced upper class cuisine. Both were popular choices among guests dining European-style.

Consider making a healthy change this Thanksgiving by switching out butter, vegetable oil and lard for delicious extra virgin olive oil instead. Select one with fruitier, delicate notes for best results when mixing with citrus juice to create light vinaigrettes that go perfectly with salads and other traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

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Sweet potatoes, turkey, cranberries and pumpkin pie may be what come to mind when most Americans imagine Thanksgiving dinner, but for nearly 100 years olives and celery were essential components of traditional Thanksgiving menus.

In the 1800s, when medical establishment thought raw food to be unhealthy, most vegetables were braised or stewed until there was little left of recognition in them. So when celery made its debut at Thanksgiving tables as something people ate raw – this event marked by celebration!

Start off your Thanksgiving meal right by offering your guests an olive and celery tray drizzled with cold-pressed olive oil as the starter course. It will add an exciting, fresh taste to traditional fare such as green bean casserole or fish-shaped Jello desserts!

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