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Steve Earle – A Compelling Country Music Star

Early Life and Education

Steve Earle has long been one of the greatest singer/songwriters of his generation. At first he gained fans as a country artist, but soon proved this to be too narrow a label. His music ranges from country (1986’s Guitar Town), bluegrass (2002’s The Mountain) and folk (2021’s Colvin & Earle). His lyrics often touch upon both personal and political issues with equal frequency. Additionally he has written short story collection Doghouse Roses as well as making appearances on various television programs as well as in film Treme.

Net Worth

Steve Harvey has put forth much effort to reach where he is today. For much of his life he lived as a homeless and broke individual until finding success in entertainment – sleeping in his car and using service station showers to make ends meet until eventually becoming one of the world’s leading comedians due to his diligence.

He has worked on multiple Jackass films alongside Johnny Knoxville and the rest of his crew, and is estimated to be worth around $4 Million. Additionally, he is an author – having written the memoir entitled Professional Idiot. He is known for having an infectious sense of humor which keeps audiences laughing; believing that success lies in having faith in something greater than yourself is key for him.

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