Thomas Anderson

Thomas Anderson – ESTP Personality Type

Thomas has served on three corporate boards of Stille AB since 2011. He owns a villa covering an area of 260 m2.

Thomas provides information to all the men in your life with phone numbers and addresses.

West Seneca boys’ volleyball team won the 2004 Division I state championship, while Eden Volleyball Club hired him as their middle hitter.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Anderson was born on the month day 1813 in Pennsylvania. On the month day 1868 in Indiana, he married Ann Anderson (nee McCoy) and together they raised four children – James Anderson as well as two others.

He served on the Board of Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois as well as director of Lasallian Teacher Immersion Program/Vocations for De La Salle Christian Brothers-Midwest District.

He was an active member of the Chicago Chapter of the American Association for the Advancement of Education, having graduated from Notre Dame with both a BA and PhD in education. Additionally, he held certification as both school administrator and certified school manager; having worked in education for more than four decades he published many books and articles about leadership development as well as student advancement.

Personal Life

Thomas is famous for his quick wit and ability to think quickly on his feet, along with being an adventurer who always seeks out new experiences. These characteristics could be linked to Thomas being an ESTP personality type who exhibits outgoing and assertive traits.

Thomas has three company engagements (Stille AB, ThoNiMa AB and Dedalus Sweden AB). He lives in a villa covering an area of 260m2. No one is required to leave home.

Net Worth

Thomas lives on a 32-acre hilltop farm among Amish farms, dairies and game lands. He designed and constructed his off-grid residence himself using solar and wind energy as heating/cooling sources. As an amateur winemaker and tapping maple trees for syrup production – as well as tapping for winemaking! Thomas dedicates much of his free time to his children as well as improving the off-grid home itself while being an avid reader and physical activity such as hiking in his free time.

He advocates for a unified platform of smaller government with greater accountability at all levels, lower taxes and stronger individual rights. Additionally, he is an avid supporter of renewed natural gas leases in Columbia County, working tirelessly to bring economic prosperity back into his community.

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