Thomas Audon

Thomas Audon is a Naturalist and a Boogie Woogie Dancer

Sophie Allaf and Thomas Audon began dancing four years ago, yet make it look effortless. Their partnership is an impressive force in competitions; becoming French champs four times and winning an international crown along the way.

The poem opens with a line that suggests free verse, though its loose meter might better be described as iambic pentameter. The iambic rhythm conveys the darkness inherent to much of this work about fascism and war.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was born into a poor family and struggled to make grades in boarding school seminary where he studied to be a Catholic priest. Discontented with their passive approach towards civil rights issues, Thomas decided shortly after Martin Luther King’s assassination to abandon his dream and follow another career path instead.

Poems was his inaugural collection published in 1930, quickly earning him recognition as a left-leaning political writer. But with 1947’s long poem For the Time Being he changed course by exploring religious themes – something that earned him a Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

On his third space mission, he carried out a 6.5-hour spacewalk to address an electrical problem on Discovery while docked with the International Space Station (ISS). During this journey he brought along special Australian artifacts, such as Sir Charles Kingsford Smith’s watch and some wood from Mawson’s Hut in Antarctica.

Professional Career

Tom is an enthusiastic naturalist with a great love of wildlife and nature, having spent much time volunteering both outdoors and within local environmental organizations.

After beginning his career in journalism and public affairs, he soon gained international renown for his literary works. He composed essays covering literary, political, psychological and documentary film topics.

Sophie Allaf and Thomas Audon have only been dancing together for four years, yet it seems as if they have been partners much longer. Their impressive achievements include becoming French champions in boogie woogie four times out of five; as well as reaching 3rd in the World’s ranking list in 2014. Additionally, these talented duos teach boogie woogie, lindy hop salsa, and ballroom social dance at national and international levels.

Achievement and Honors

Auden wrote over the course of his long career prose essays and reviews on literary, political, psychological, and religious matters ranging from literature and psychology to religion and spirituality. His 1947 long poem, “For the Time Being” received much critical acclaim as an influential statement about modern life.

French swing dance couple left audiences in awe with their impressive boogie-woogie routine at Rock That Swing Festival 2020, drawing numerous online views after performing.

Sophie Allaf and Thomas Audon began dancing together four years ago but it seems much longer. Both possess incredible skill, earning world championship titles in boogie-woogie main class dancing as well as seven national championship titles from France.

Personal Life

Thomas Audon loves spending time with his wife and three children; they live in North Hempstead, New York where Thomas attends Catholic Mass regularly.

Sophie Allaf and Thomas Audon of France recently caught many people’s attention online when they performed an impressive dance cover of an iconic American soul band song. Though only starting dancing together since 2018, Allaf started ballet lessons at five while Audon discovered ballroom dancing and acrobatic rock’n’roll when he was only seven.

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