Thomas Banker

Thomas Banker – Born to Be a Banker

Thomas Banker considers himself to have been born to be a banker, and you can count on him for any job that needs doing.

Former Banking Executive and Tech Entrepreneur. Launched a tech company which created a GPS device for contractors to see exactly where pipes were laid down. He eventually returned to banking, developing the Northern Kentucky market for a local community bank.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was raised in a small town outside Savannah, Georgia with his mother and sister. His grandfather was his most influential teacher; instilling strong work ethics as well as independence into him.

Thomas began working for Continental Bank & Trust Company in 1960s which owned shares in Bank of Las Vegas. Through Jerry Mack he quickly met new business partner. Thomas played an instrumental role in securing loans from Teamsters Central States Pension Fund to legitimize casino industry loans; also working towards changing laws to permit publicly-traded companies own and operate casinos thus ushering a new era of casino development.

Thomas has had a distinguished career, earning many honors throughout, such as being named European Banker of the Year 2021.

Professional Career

Thomas Harmon did not choose a traditional banking path when asked by teachers what career path they wished to follow as an adult; rather, his career took an unconventional route that helped him develop an integrative approach to commercial banking.

He serves as General Counsel to the American Bankers Association and oversees its internal code of conduct and ethical leadership initiatives, while serving as facilitator of two peer groups for general counsels from banks of all sizes.

Johnson Alumnus Tom White has made his mark as an energy investment banker, professional football player, and bobsled push athlete since graduating in 1995. Most recently he helped establish and implement administrative and personnel practices in Caldwell Borough.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas returned to banking after taking time away to explore tech entrepreneurship, after briefly branching off. Passionate about helping his community, Thomas volunteers for various local organizations including Penn State Smeal College of Business, HealthPoint Family Care Foundation and American Bankers Association’s Community Bankers Council and Membership Committee.

He takes great pride in the company’s diversity program which has contributed to more women attaining senior leadership positions. Additionally, he supports numerous student scholarships and mentors young entrepreneurs.

Wisconsin Bankers Association recently honored twelve current and former bankers for their service to communities throughout Wisconsin by dedicating a wall in Madison’s capital city in their honor; Thomas was honored as part of this recognition.

Personal Life

Thomas has been active in his community, serving on various boards that reflect his core interests of technology, sports and adventure and helping marginalized populations. These boards include HealthRIGHT 360 and Housing Trust Silicon Valley; in addition to being an avid golfer, tennis player and Tar Heels fan.

Thomas recognized an opportunity when most banks were unwilling to lend money to casinos: by providing loans for casino operators expansion projects and pushing for legislation changes that prevented organized crime groups from controlling casinos he revolutionized the gaming industry in Las Vegas and changed laws against organized crime groups taking control. Thomas was active with his bank until its sale upon his death and it now belongs to his family; six children now reside there as well.

Net Worth

Thomas Earle has seen his net worth grow substantially over time due to his strategic acumen and commitment to sustainable growth. Additionally, he has always upheld integrity throughout his career.

Experienced in investment banking, capital markets and restructuring matters, his track record speaks for itself; helping companies raise capital while providing guidance during difficult situations is proof.

Michael is passionate about serving clients and is a dedicated member of his community. He specializes in maintaining relationships with ultra high-net-worth families, in addition to building and managing these relationships to meet virtually all their financial needs. His hobbies include golf, tennis and Tar Heel athletics as well as being involved with charitable organizations and church committees.

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