Thomas Brunker

Thomas Brunker

Thomas Brunker is an attorney at Parsons, Beehle & Latimer’s law firm in Houston. He specializes in general civil and trial practice for state and federal courts as well as agencies. Thomas also handles real estate, corporate and commercial litigation cases for clients.

Keiran Murphy provides new details of the 1914 massacre at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin home in Spring Green. Victims included Wright’s partner Mamah Borthwick and her children as well as foreman Thomas Brunker, gardener David Lindblom, and draftsman Emil Brodelle.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Brunker is a veteran attorney specializing in criminal law, civil rights law and family law. Born and educated in Utah, Brunker obtained both his Bachelor of Arts from Utah State University in 1982 as well as Juris Doctorate degree there in 1986.

Brunker quickly expanded his interests to encompass produce marketing, pastoral enterprises and coal mining operations; becoming involved with efforts to resolve several coal strikes. He also served as justice of the peace and was one of the founding members of East Maitland Municipal Council; acting for Henry Parkes during several Hunter district elections he served as his primary electoral agent and electoral agent at subsequent ones as well.

He served as Secretary for Lands in both Parkes ministries (1888 and 1894) before returning to that position under Reid in 1894. Under him, the Crown Lands Act was passed in 1889 which eliminated administrative abuses in various ways.

Professional Career

Brunker was known for his specialization in general civil and trial practice before state and federal courts and agencies, representing clients regarding bankruptcy, business, insurance, banking, environmental, labor transportation and tax law matters. Additionally he is a member of the Utah Supreme Court Brief Writing Committee as well as having earned many awards for appellate advocacy.

He worked as an electrician, graduating from Lower Bucks County Tech School’s electrical program in 1992 and receiving his journeyman license from I.B.E.W Local 269 out of Trenton. Additionally, he enjoyed metal detecting; being part of both Mid-Jersey and South Jersey metal-detecting clubs was something he enjoyed doing in his free time with his wife in their lifted truck travels. He leaves behind his wife, two children, four grandchildren, as well as numerous nieces and nephews to cherish his memory.

Achievement and Honors

Brunker received one of the Attorney General Career Staff awards in 2016. The National Association of Attorneys General recognized him for his excellent appellate advocacy as well as multistate casework; moreover, his office won two Best Brief Awards from NAAG Supreme Court (including one that twice went before U.S. Supreme Court ).

Brunker also took cues from other animated films for Cal Brunker’s PAW Patrol: The Movie. He specifically mentioned films like Men in Black franchise films, Lego Movie and Zack Snyder’s DC Extended Universe films as inspirations for this project.

Brunker was recognized for his dedication to cultivating relationships within his industry, earning this prestigious honor. As an esteemed sales professional who takes genuine care in caring for clients, coworkers and peers.

Personal Life

Brunker family were Wiltshire landholders. After participating in the Battle of Hastings in 1066, William, Duke of Normandy granted much of his holdings to those victorious Barons as well as under-tenants within their ranks.

Brunker was an unimaginative businessman without much in the way of policy-making talent; however, his management of the Colonial Secretary’s Department was meticulous and methodical. He was the primary architect behind 1889 Crown Lands Act which addressed administrative grievances such as excessive rents set by district Land Boards and small selection sizes.

Mamah and her children were dining in the dining room with Thomas Brunker, carpenter Billy Weston, his son Ernest, draftsmen Herb Fritz and Emil Brodelle as well as Carlton who requested some gasoline in order to clean his rug – when Carlton asked for some, ostensibly so he could apply it, they permitted him to douse the interior of the home with it instead.

Net Worth

Brunker continues to work with Walden Media, owned by billionaire Phil Anschutz who has invested in railways, fiber optics (with Qwest Communications), entertainment venues (AEG), as well as supporting more tame films like Jamie Foxx’s hit “Ray” and Ray Charles biopic “Hoot.”

Paramount Home Media released Cal Brunker’s PAW Patrol: The Movie as a digital, Blu-ray and THX Certified 2-disc collector’s edition on December 10, 2022. The DVD release included an Adventure City Hall of Fame with character biographies; “Making of the Brunker Cut” documentary; four sing-along songs, six read-along books, website fun features and ten bonus episodes from television series voiced over by Iain Armitage as Chase, Will Brisbin as Ryder and Callum Shoniker as Rocky!

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