Thomas Butt

Thomas Butt

Thomas Butt is an active community member. He holds memberships in multiple clubs and charitable organizations including Richmond Rotary Club and Boy Scouts Herms District.

Chancery Judge Butt is well known for his courtroom decorum and elegant speech, while serving as an instructor to young lawyers.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Butt was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1944 and served in Vietnam with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers before travelling widely throughout Southeast Asia, Trans-Siberian Railway and Europe.

Butt was also an author and lecturer in political economy, authoring multiple books as well as contributing regularly to magazines. Additionally, Butt represented two Irish constituencies in Parliament during his term in Britain.

Butt currently serves on the Richmond City Council and as president of Interactive Resources, an architectural firm. Additionally, he established and is president of East Brother Light Station Preservation Trust as well as writing several books and articles on architecture and history.

Professional Career

Tom Butt has performed around the globe as a DJ, double bassist, beat producer, and teacher. His performances can be found everywhere from clubs and bars to beaches, boats and boat houses as well as skyscrapers, buses warehouses all over cities worldwide.

Butt is also known for his expertise in architecture and engineering consulting. He has served as an architect on projects throughout the Bay Area, such as visitor facilities at Stag’s Leap Wine Cellar in Napa and Beringer Winery of Napa; seismic retrofit of classroom buildings at College of San Mateo; as an expert witness in construction defect litigation for numerous law firms; co-founding Interactive Resources as one of its initial members; living with his wife in Point Richmond; serving as expert witness.

Achievement and Honors

Tom Butt has earned many honors and awards throughout his career, such as receiving the Bronze Star, Army Commendation Medal and Vietnam Campaign Medal. Additionally, he served on both Texas A&I College and University of Corpus Christi boards of directors.

Butt, an undersized left offensive tackle, utilized his intelligence, drive, and technique to secure his starting spot as a sophomore. Additionally, this past season he demonstrated his status as an exceptional football player by posting an outstanding 4.25 GPA in class.

Butt was honored for his academic achievements when he was awarded the 77th annual WHBC Stark County High School Football Scholastic Award, given annually to the most academically outstanding player at Alliance High.

Personal Life

Thomas Butt is an extremely generous and philanthropic individual who actively participates in organizations working on issues of vital importance to cities at both state and national levels.

As well as his international performing career on bass guitar and production, he is also an acclaimed double bassist and producer who has performed at numerous festivals, clubs, bars, beaches, boats, skyscrapers and warehouses worldwide.

Butt is known for his strict legal interpretation and intimidating demeanor in courtroom proceedings, yet behind-the-scenes he’s known as an approachable “southern gentleman”. Patient with younger lawyers learning the ropes, and often available to answer queries with books from his extensive library – not to mention helping preserve historical buildings like Hotel Mac and East Brother Lighthouse as well as being an advocate for community policing efforts.

Net Worth

The Butt family, owners of Texas-based grocery chain H-E-B, is one of America’s wealthiest. According to Forbes estimates for 2020, their net worth had reached $17.8 billion – ranking them 15th on its list of America’s richest families. Charles Butt holds an 85% stake in H-E-B while also making charitable grants through the Charles Butt Foundation and diversifying his portfolio with private equity investment in Lewis Energy Group.

Butt is also an active leader in his community. He has served on Richmond City Council for over two decades and owns an architectural firm. Additionally, he founded Interactive Resources and sits on the East Brother Light Station board. Additionally, he owns property in Virginia as well as having interests in a real estate development company.

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