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Thomas Compressor – A Leading Manufacturer of Systems, Compressors, Vacuum and Liquid Pumps for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Thomas designs and manufactures systems, compressors, vacuum/liquid pumps for Original Equipment Manufacturers in medical, lab/life science, environmental, industrial, food & beverage and foodservice sectors. Thomas’ compact piston, diaphragm linear vane pumps use lightweight yet resilient materials and offer maximum productivity in any setting.

The TH-635HD professional grade air compressor features a robust high duty cycle that is suitable for framing nailers and finish guns, with its fan-cooled motor providing thermal protection.

Early Life and Education

Thomas is a leading manufacturer of systems, compressors, vacuum and liquid pumps for Original Equipment Manufacturers in the medical, laboratory, environmental and industrial markets. Their piston, diaphragm, linear, rotary vane and articulated compressors feature compact designs made with lightweight yet durable materials in order to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Products manufactured by this company are known for their efficiency and longevity in even the toughest working environments, while offering maintenance and repair services to help businesses make sure their compressors operate at peak performance.

Addition of a fan can dramatically increase heat removal rates, lengthening its service life. Engineering requires making trade-offs; no solution comes without risk or cost; adding one may cost, complicate and risk your system; however it will pay dividends by increasing reliability.

Professional Career

Thomas Compressor is widely recognized as one of the premier suppliers of systems, compressors, vacuum and liquid pumps for Original Equipment Manufacturers across multiple markets such as medical lab, environmental and industrial. Their highly experienced Engineering Technical Operations staff specialize in creating tailored pressure and vacuum solutions to meet individual customer requirements.

Thomas offers an array of air compressor service and repair options, making it easier for businesses to make the most out of their equipment. Thomas takes pride in offering both routine maintenance services as well as emergency repair solutions with superior quality and efficiency.

Products offered by this company are ideal for use in pond and lake aeration systems designed to help reduce pollution in water bodies by injecting oxygen into them. Furthermore, these systems are easy to install and use – saving businesses both time and money when running operations.

Achievement and Honors

Company Description:The company is recognized as a premier producer of systems, compressors, vacuum and liquid pumps for Original Equipment Manufacturers in medical, laboratory, environmental and industrial fields. Their compact piston, diaphragm linear and rotary vane compressors feature lightweight yet durable materials to offer flexibility to end users and OEMs alike.

In 2008, the company realigned its operating divisions to focus on lighting and compressed air/vacuum pumps as its core businesses. Additionally, a sheet metal plant in Sonnefeld, Germany was opened up specifically to manufacture components for rotary screw compressor enclosures.

The Picolino oil-less rotary pump and compressor is an energy-saving choice, ideal for medical, vacuum lifting, laboratory analysis, air sampling and sewage aeration applications. Utilizing less power than traditional compressors makes this an economical and energy-saving choice for businesses of all kinds.

Personal Life

Thomas is an enthusiastic family man, taking pleasure in spending his free time with his wife and three children. Additionally, he remains active in his community through service on boards such as Salt and Light Leadership Training and Hope Is Alive as well as several charities such as Hough Ear Institute where he serves as trustee.

Compressors from this company feature innovative technology designed to consume less energy while producing more air, enabling businesses to reduce energy bills. Furthermore, these durable machines are built to withstand years of use.

TASKAIR articulated piston pumps and compressors are ideal for applications requiring high pressure and cycle requirements, engineered for use in dirty, hot or cold environments with multiple operating technologies such as WOB-L piston, diaphragm linearity linearity linear rotary vane or peristaltic operation.

Net Worth

Thomas Industries’ headquarters are in Louisville, but it operates 17 overseas plants. Thomas has hired investment-banking firm Bear, Stearns & Co. and law firm McDermott Will & Emery LLP to assess strategic alternatives. Thomas is also in talks to merge its operations with Gardner Denver Inc. of Quincy, Ill.; both firms specialize in pump design and manufacture as well as compressor/blower sales; this combination would bring annual sales of about $1 billion combined and must be approved by regulators and shareholders before proceeding further. This transaction should close before closing will close by second half of 2016.

Karam also owns shares worth over $8 Million of PennTex Midstream Partners LP (PTXP).

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