Thomas Curcio

Thomas Curcio works at DTG Consulting Solutions as part of their Management Team and has been with them for more than two years.

His beloved wife Aida Curcio of Totowa passed away, leaving behind four children: Teresa and Howard Blumstein from Millburn; Carmen and William Guzio of Montville; Patricia Paglinco (and Guy Paglinco from Denville). Furthermore he is grandfather to many great-grandchildren.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Curcio, LCSW is an East Hampton, NY social worker who received his degree from Gannon University and currently practices at Practice. He welcomes both new patients and referrals.

Curcio donned a painter’s mask and yellow safety vest to conceal his identity before taking two bags of cash from Brink’s armored truck and fleeing through nearby woods into hiding – drawing national media coverage for his daring escape plan and unique plan for taking down this bank robbery. The event gained national media coverage for its creative planning and unique getaway plan.

Jan Hayden, chair of the Board, noted that Tom led BCC from an annual budget of $3 Million serving 50 youth in one location to an organization serving thousands of children and families throughout multiple states annually with multiple locations and an awards system that recognized his service to BCC.

Professional Career

Thomas Curcio has worked at numerous companies throughout his career. He currently holds the position of Senior Vice President and Team Leader Commercial Credit Underwriting at M&T Bank in New York City.

He has been employed at this company for two years.

At this company, he has held various roles, such as Credit Officer and Financial Analyst.

Tom has also taken great pleasure in Jiu Jitsu, becoming a black belt in this art and competing at numerous tournaments. Additionally, he has helped train several students into successful Jiu Jitsu instructors. Tom belongs to both Totowa Italian American Club and Elks Lodge of New Jersey for membership purposes; additionally he offers tailoring services himself as a self-employed tailor.

Achievement and Honors

Curcio was singled out by fellow CMS teachers for his love of students and willingness to collaborate with colleagues as qualities he possess, garnering several awards and honors including nomination for Parsippany Patch’s Teacher of the Month award.

Every year, his school’s biology department recognizes him with a medal for showing “industry, perseverance, leadership maturity and promise” during research. Furthermore, a summer fellowship was awarded.

On Wednesday, Justin Tompkins was honored by family, friends, and active and retired members of New London Fire Department in a formal ceremony to become its new chief. Battalion Chief Roger Tompkins retired this month. Justin presented him with his new badge during the ceremony.

Personal Life

On Wednesday, Thomas Curcio reached a significant milestone in his longstanding fire service career when he was officially inaugurated as Chief of the New London Fire Department, taking over for retiring Chief Henry Kydd in a ceremony attended by family, friends and active and retired members of the department.

“Children First” has long been his rallying cry and BCC has experienced remarkable growth under his direction since 1993 when he first assumed executive director duties with an annual budget of $3 Million and serving 50 youths at one location.

Tom will be remembered fondly by his daughter Tammy Curcio-Moskal and Juan Monge of Totowa; by his stepgrandchildren Jessica & Danielle Blumstein, Cara Monge, Jonathan Paglinco & Samantha Paglinco as well as great-grandchildren Ava and Drew Monge.

Net Worth

Curcio amassed his fortune through real estate investments, selling children’s books and public speaking. He has appeared on multiple media platforms and provides speeches to youth to discourage drug abuse and violence.

As a result of his unique robbery techniques, this individual was known as both the Craigslist Robber and D.B. Tuber. On September 30, 2008 he dressed as a landscaper spraying weeds near a Bank of America branch before pepper-spraying a Brink’s armored car guard and making him release money cart from Brink’s armored car before fleeing in his yellow inner tube headed toward Woods Creek.

Discover more about Thomas Curcio by conducting a county records search, which may reveal information regarding his financial past and other legal details.

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