Thomas Dawson

Thomas Dawson

Thomas Dawson arrived into this world bursting with music. Even as an infant he could be found tapping away on his keyboard playing country tunes before even beginning to speak.

Dawson is an experienced ERISA attorney, health policy expert, forensic economist and medical pricing expert. His firm provides litigation support services such as litigation support, mediation consulting and expert witness services.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Dawson entered this world with music embedded deep within him, as soon as he could speak. At three, he first sang “O Come All Ye Faithful” on his toy organ and never looked back!

He graduated Claremont McKenna College with honors degrees in government and economics, then became an Employee Benefit Security Administration (EBSA) pension law specialist, where he advised senior leadership on healthcare and retirement income policies.

James is also a proud member of Iota Delta chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity at James Madison University and upholds its founding principles of Love, Truth and Honor with quiet pride – traits which will surely help him be an outstanding father and husband in future years.

Professional Career

Tom Dawson specializes in chemical and pharmaceutical patent prosecution and IP due diligence, and has extensive experience representing reinsurers, brokers and intermediaries on regulatory, licensing, compliance, product development, corporate matters as well as product strategy.

His research is focused on Malassezia interactions with their host and identification of new antifungal materials, while also covering topics like scalp health and related hair disorders like seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Alongside his legal career, he serves as entertainment director at Springs Orleans restaurant in Colorado Springs and performs with the Commodores. He believes music can connect us all and heal; additionally he uses his musical abilities as an evangelist for his spiritual beliefs by preaching at churches. Furthermore, he’s an avid fisherman, having caught many trophy catches.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Dawson has earned numerous awards and recognitions during his distinguished career. He served as senior health care counsel to the House Committee on Small Business and provided healthcare policy guidance during both 110th and 111th Congresses. Furthermore, Thomas served as policy advisor to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus regarding reform of healthcare reform, Medicare reimbursement policy, commercial health insurance markets as well as commercial health reform issues.

Dawson is also one of the founding members of Galveston LNG, Inc. and currently serves as Vice President-Marketing & Business Development for Pieridae Energy Ltd. Additionally, he has held various leadership roles such as Chief Operating Officer & Vice President at Ondine Research Laboratories Inc.

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Personal Life

Thomas Dawson is an accomplished keyboardist, composer and music producer based out of Colorado Springs and owns Mountain Nest Recording and Mastering Studios where he has collaborated with many notable musicians. Additionally, Thomas is an expert ERISA attorney and healthcare policy analyst, serving as an Associate on Capitol Hill providing guidance for small business on issues concerning healthcare insurance coverage and public policy matters.

At the height of religious dissent in Virginia in 1757, Dawson led a Council panel which removed John Brunskill as pastor of Hamilton Parish in Prince William County. But wartime demands prevented further inflaming anti-clerical sentiment – instead he became an advocate for strengthening defenses on Virginia’s northwest frontier and supporting Oath of Fidelity legislation which required all males aged 18 or above to pledge allegiance to its revolutionary government.

Net Worth

Thomas Dawson, an advisor with Bensalem-based Pnc Investments. With over 17 years of experience in Government contracting industry, Thomas specializes in financial leadership, reporting and analysis, budgeting/forecasting/budget monitoring /financial system enhancement /bank relations /negotiations /audit management services.

He has served on utility risk management committees of several Canadian energy utilities and also sits on the boards of directors for numerous junior oil and gas companies based out of Canada.

Off the field, Dawson is an avid Christian who is heavily engaged with charity work. He founded and serves as co-chairman of Teammates for Kids Foundation which raises money for children’s charities worldwide. Furthermore, Dawson has proven an astute investor in real estate; owning multiple properties across Texas including a strip mall.

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