Thomas Drago

Thomas Drago – A Retired Navy Seal With a Powerful Message For Ukrainians

Thomas Drago is a retired navy seal who served his nation both domestically and abroad. He offers powerful advice for Ukrainians that you won’t want to miss.

He is the author of Raised on Rock and Crow Creek novels. Additionally, he teaches drama in North Carolina and has published short stories.

Early Life and Education

Author Thomas Drago is a master storyteller who can bring any setting alive through its characters. Additionally, his dialogue expertly matches each character’s distinct persona.

His character Dante Rose works at a grocery store but plays solo gigs locally and becomes obsessed with Thorn, a band which ultimately failed to break big. Dante and Penny decided not to have children in anticipation of Thorn becoming successful; an action which ultimately comes back to haunt both partners in different ways.

Drago writes with authority and authenticity about small-town America, from grocery store checkouts to food worker camaraderie. His stories echo each other like chords; each telling an unforgettable tale of broken dreams and lives lost.

Professional Career

Thomas Drago Dzieran is a retired Navy Seal from Poland who lived under communist rule during his early life and experienced communist repression due to his activism and spent time in a labor camp due to this.

He relocated to the United States in order to pursue a new life as a Navy SEAL, becoming one of the best of his class. A powerful and dedicated man, his personality stands out as far from being typical former rockers who get drunk easily or pick fights.

He was an amateur boxer for the Soviets and went unbeaten during amateur competition. In 1985 he came to America with his wife Ludmilla and Nicolai Koloff; after arriving he started training his son Viktor relentlessly with hopes of earning back respect from Russian people by reclaiming the Drago name; however his relentless focus on excellence saps him of humanity and leaves no room for humanity or empathy.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Drago has written numerous poems, song lyrics, and short stories. Additionally, he is an experienced stage actor and educator; currently teaching drama and English classes in North Carolina as part of an affiliation with both American Theatre Group and Educational Theatre Association.

Stallone brings humanity and depth to Drago in the director’s cut version of the film, breaking from his stereotyped portrayal as seen in its theatrical release. Instead, he portrays him as an individual struggling with being used by Soviet authorities while still having ambitions as a warrior.

Ludmilla Vobet (Brigitte Nielsen), an Olympic gold medalist swimmer who speaks on his behalf during press conferences and interviews. They have one son together named Viktor who also became a professional boxer.

Personal Life

As well as writing, Drago is also a musician. He and Penny Rose live in East Baton Rouge. While he occasionally gets drunk and fights, he cares deeply for Penny Rose – making for an interesting character with an intriguing backstory.

He became a Navy SEAL, serving his nation domestically and abroad. Drawing upon his experiences as a political prisoner in Soviet-controlled Poland, he strongly opposes Communism.

Opposite of Apollo Creed or James Lang, Drago is more reserved and unassuming. This gives him an air of self-discipline which helps make him a serious competitor; evidenced by his emotionless beat down of Creed during an exhibition match. Instead, his trainers or wife tend to represent him at press conferences.

Net Worth

Thomas Drago, a retired Navy Seal who appears frequently on various digital broadcasts and Fox show Unfiltered with Jocko Willink has become increasingly well known due to his opinions regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In an interview, he recounted growing up under communism in Poland, with radio stations that were subject to strict censorship preventing him from hearing outside perspectives. Later he immigrated to the US and joined Navy SEAL training.

He details how training enabled him to form strong bonds, overcome physical and mental challenges, and learn teamwork. Furthermore, he exposes one of the most challenging parts of training – hazing rituals – as well as discuss its importance and benefits of serving his nation.

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