Thomas Healey

Thomas Healey

Thomas Healey has represented clients in many significant cases. He has litigated individual and class action suits alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act.

He served as a partner at Goldman Sachs before becoming a Senior Fellow at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, serving as Chairman of its Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board from 2011-13.

Healey is also the author of three volumes of poetry. Velvet was published by Monk Books in 2017 as his most recent work.

Early Life and Education

Tom was an outstanding traditionalist who loved his family deeply and provided for them well. A huge sports enthusiast, especially of the New York Giants and Boston Bruins. Additionally, he enjoyed playing baseball himself. Additionally, he also took German classes, mastering it completely by the time of graduation.

He held positions on both the Rockefeller Foundation and Georgetown University’s College Board of Advisors, serving as Chairperson of their Investment Committees while actively taking part in other non-profit institutions.

He leaves behind his beloved wife Madelyn Wood Healey; twin sons Thomas Healey and Richard Healey; sister Rita Healey; daughters Bayette Saenz and Gina Coughlin; grandchildren, a great-granddaughter, nieces and nephews who will cherish his memory and remember his kindness as they remember all who knew him well. He will truly be missed.

Professional Career

Tom Healey has established multiple businesses, written three books, designed online education utilized by over 100 college campuses and presented over 1000 times to companies, non-profits and Fortune 500 firms alike.

Healey Development LLC was also co-founded by Healey. Additionally, he served on various nonprofit boards and chaired investment committees before joining Leadership Roundtable on Church Management as a member.

Healey is a partner in Hughes Hubbard’s Washington, D.C. office and part of its Aviation group. His expertise lies in representing financiers for various aircraft transactions such as airline reorganizations transactions. Additionally, Healey has represented buyers and sellers of business aircraft as well as participants in fractional programs on purchase agreements and financing arrangements.

Achievement and Honors

Healy has made significant philanthropic efforts, providing housing, medical assistance and education for citizens of war-ravaged Sierra Leone. Additionally, he has donated to several New Jersey schools and colleges. Furthermore, he serves on the boards of both Miami Poetry Festival (MPF) and PEN America/The Bass Museum in Miami Beach, FL as a trustee.

Healy serves as the Gerard Carey Research Fellow at Seton Hall Law School, where his scholarship and teaching focus on constitutional law. He has published multiple articles and books related to the First Amendment; one such work, The Great Dissent: Oliver Wendell Holmes and the Birth of Free Speech in America was recently honored with both Robert F. Kennedy Book Award and Hugh Hefner First Amendment Award honors.

Personal Life

Healey has published numerous books and essays pertaining to culture, politics, and religion in numerous journals such as Paris Review, Yale Review, BOMB Drunken Boat and New York Times.

He has served on numerous non-profit boards and organizations, such as Rockefeller Foundation and Georgetown University Board of Trustees. Additionally, he was once a partner at Goldman Sachs and Head of Corporate Finance at Dean Witter Reynolds.

Healey is known for his strong entrepreneurial drive and has established multiple companies, published three books, and developed online education used on hundreds of college campuses worldwide. Additionally, Healey is active in microfinance projects and AIDS prevention efforts worldwide and travels extensively for these causes.

Net Worth

Thomas Healey is a successful businessman with an estimated net worth of more than $1.6 billion. He has made his name in the transportation industry by inventing devices that reduce fuel requirements and operating costs associated with tractor trailer rigs; these inventions are protected by multiple patents.

Healey is also co-founder of Prisma Capital Partners, a $5 billion fund of hedge funds; FIA Timber Partners – an investment series focused on timberland; and ZAIS Group Holdings, an asset management firm. Furthermore, he held various executive roles within Goldman Sachs Securities and Investment Banking divisions.

Healy recently unveiled his latest venture, Hyliion, an electric truck company based out of Texas that went public earlier this month. To achieve this feat, Healey combined his company with an SPAC vehicle.

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