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Thomas Caters Hoey

Thomas Hoey is an unrepentant criminal who preyed upon women and used his wealth and power to take advantage of them. To promote respect for our system of law, Hoey must serve a strict prison term.

He is currently serving a 141-month drug-related sentence issued by Judge Castel, expected to end with good time credit in December 2023.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Hoey has an extensive charitable history, spearheading prison ministry and community outreach programs. Additionally, he serves on the boards of Bridge House and Sacred Heart University nursing department Advisory Boards. Thomas holds both his Bachelor of Sociology from St Anselm’s College and Master of Social Work degrees with dual concentrations for clinical and administrative work from Fordham University.

Hoey is currently serving 12.5 years for his involvement in distributing cocaine at a Manhattan hotel during a drug-fueled sex party that ultimately caused Kim Calo’s death, in addition to having been charged with conspiring against perjury and obstruction of justice charges related to this case.

Hoey has filed an early release application on compassionate grounds, yet the Government opposes his motion, asserting that Hoey failed to present substantial and compelling grounds justifying a decrease in his sentence.

Professional Career

Thomas Hoey of Long Island Banana Co was known for living the high life, using pension funds from his company to fund his extravagant lifestyle. In March he was arrested for embezzling more than $800,000 from employees – spending it lavishly on strippers and drugs.

He was charged with obstruction of justice and evidence tampering related to the death of a woman he supplied cocaine to. Investigators allege he lied to them while also hindering efforts of her getting medical assistance for herself.

He is currently serving his prison sentence on Riker’s Island and has filed two pro se petitions seeking to withdraw his guilty plea and reduce his punishment. The state’s highest court will review these petitions.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Hoey was an extremely generous individual who wanted to help those around him. He believed in hard work and expected it from himself and others alike, which led him to becoming an excellent teacher who loved challenging his students beyond their limits. Thomas established a scholarship fund for Kristen who died from metastatic melanoma.

A scholarship called the Kristen A. Hoey Memorial Scholarship is awarded to outstanding chemistry majors who demonstrate outstanding research abilities. We’re extremely proud that many alumni of our department have also received scholarships or awards.

In 2016, the Department of Chemistry celebrated its graduates and scholarship/award winners through an online celebration. At this virtual celebration, students shared highlights from their time at the Department. These included:

Personal Life

Hoey was an individual who appreciated hard work and expected the same from others. He took great pleasure in numbers and data analysis and would often quote statistics of his favorite sports teams when discussing them with others. Furthermore, Hoey enjoyed travel and making new acquaintances through it all.

Hoey was sentenced to 151 months for cocaine distribution and obstruction of justice related to an overdose death at Manhattan’s Kitano Hotel during a sex party, Newsday reports. But last month a federal judge reduced his prison time after discovering Hoey had changed while in custody by working on an inmate suicide prevention team and refraining from drugs and alcohol consumption, Newsday states.

Hoey will always be remembered with fondness by his family and friends as an incredible father, brother, son, husband and friend. Amy Hoey and Clara and Alexandra Hoey remain his most precious legacies.

Net Worth

Thomas Caters Hoey was an individual who delighted in numbers and data. A successful businessman who respected hard work from others as much as expected it of himself, Thomas Caters Hoey was also known as an attentive father and grandfather who always gave more than expected in both love and care to those he held close.

Early in his career he appeared as a blackface actor at Tony Pastor’s old theater on Bowery and Col. Carrington’s circus, earning praise from patrons at both venues for his natural abilities and humorous antics that cemented their respectability among audiences. This success would continue throughout his long and distinguished career in variety theatres.

Hoey founded Brook Real Estate Corporation in April 1986 and testified that he and his business partners used personal savings accumulated prior to starting LI Banana or Suffolk Banana to make their down payment on 596 Merrick Road.

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