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Thomas Honeycutt was an enthusiastic sports fan and loved being around people. A 1973 graduate from East Rowan High School and Wingate University, Thomas also played baseball catcher at both institutions.

Rylan Jon Honeycutt will be deeply missed, as will many nieces and nephews whom he leaves behind in his wake. Preceded by Lenore Hall (his maternal grandmother) and Alvin Honeycutt (his paternal grandfather).

Early Life and Education

Thomas Honeycutt was raised in West Richland, Washington. An avid sports fan who also loved spending time at the beach, Thomas is survived by his mother, sister and brother as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Thomas worked at Cone Mill, Food Lion Warehouse and Salisbury Post during his lifetime.

He is the son of Brigadier General Francis Honeycutt and Margaret Marion Harmon and had two brothers, Major General Millard F. Harmon and Colonel Hubert R. Harmon. He married Judy Matthews Honeycutt; together they have one daughter Vicky Warren as well as Madison Carris Alexander who are both step granddaughters of Francis’. Additionally he was great-grandfather to three children before passing away in Cabarrus County North Carolina with his will being probated through a common form probate procedure at Superior Court Clerk Office for Probate Department Probate division clerk office of Superior Court Clerks Office for Probate Probate Clerk’s office Probate division of Cabarrus County Clerk’s Office by probate court clerk’s Office Clerk’s office for probate of Cabarrus County Clerk’s Office with common form probated common form probated through Clerk Office Probate of Superior Court Clerks office as his will was probated common form in North Carolina after which his will was probated under North Carolina law by probated through common form process by the clerk’s Office for Probate Superior Court Cabarrus County Probate Court Clerk Probate Court Clerk’s Office of Superior Court Cabarrus County Clerks Office Probating his Will Probating his Will Probating his Will Probing his will which allowed it. He died there and it was probated through common form process by probating his Will on April 4, 2017 after which his estate had been probated on April 4, 2017. He passed away leaving behind 3 great grandchild to 3 great grandchild Probing Probating Clerk’s office of Superior Court Probing Probated Clerk’s Clerk Probating his Will Probating Office by Common Form Probating office of Cabarrus County Clerk’s office Probations Office Prob Admin of Cabarrus County Clerk’s Prob iTill had Probated on July 1, 2017, his Will propelled by Prob 6 2017. His will was probated through Common Form.

Professional Career

Honeycutt quickly rose from relative anonymity to become one of the nation’s premier college basketball prospects, garnering top 50 prospect status from college programs such as UCLA. Unfortunately, upon his arrival there he found a team in transition as they had lost key members from Ben Howland’s three consecutive Final Four teams that won three championships under his leadership.

Honeycutt only made nine appearances as a rookie, logging no more than seven minutes in any one game. General Manager Geoff Petrie sent him to Houston’s D-League affiliate late in his second season and, after eight games there, Honeycutt was released without further consideration by the NBA. He never played again.

Achievement and Honors

Not only was he an educator, he was also an active participant in his church community. Known for his witty sense of humor and pit-smoked barbeque, he also excelled as a bass angler – helping develop fishing electronics during his career as well as being a longtime Faith resident who served on both school board and county commissioner.

Raghu Tadepalli, dean of the Love School of Business and director of Chandler Family Professional Sales Center; Professor Emeritus Earl Honeycutt; and other members of Columbia’s community presented this award. It honors students for their achievements, ethical decision-making and positive relationships within Columbia’s local ecosystem. The inaugural winners were sophomores who displayed exceptional leadership and adaptability during their two years on Elon Sales Team when competitions were either cancelled or changed to virtual formats.

Personal Life

He was an outstanding father and family man, known for his generous heart and ability to bring smiles to all who crossed his path. He leaves behind his beloved wife Darlene; daughters Tracie and Heidi; son Rylan; sister Lenore Hall and numerous nieces and nephews.

He served in the U.S. Army for more than four decades and retired as a major general, earning the highly esteemed Legion of Merit award.

He was born in Montgomery County, Alabama in 1818 to Thomas Honeycutt and Patience Coker and used an H as his signature on official documents rather than an X; this practice has been preserved within his papers. Additionally, he served as Baptist minister.

Net Worth

Over the past year, Thomas Honeycutt’s net worth has skyrocketed, growing by more than $1 Million due to his earnings from being an educator – his annual salary now reportedly hovers between $1 Million – $9 Million!

Milburn E Honeycutt has an estimated net worth of approximately $2.61M based on current estimated earnings and assets owned. He currently owns around 23,615 units of Powell Industries Inc common stock and in the last 18 years has sold an estimated value of $1.81M worth of shares from this company.

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