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Thomas Kastory, 31, of Emsworth, Was Convicted on Tuesday of Attempting to Coerce and Induce a Minor to Engage in Illegal Sexual Activities

Thomas Kastory of Emsworth was found guilty on Tuesday for engaging in efforts to coerce or induce minors into engaging in illegal sexual acts. Kastory made contact with an undercover FBI agent posing as a teenage girl online and sent explicit photos and videos.

Authorities allege he convinced an undercover agent to meet him May 29 near Heinz Field and brought condoms, lubricant and a sexual toy with him for use during their meeting.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Kastory was born around 1938 in Shaler, Pennsylvania in the United States to a wealthy family, where his father owned a factory and his mother was a homemaker. Thomas enjoyed having good relationships with both of his parents as well as with his siblings.

In April, Kastory started communicating with an undercover FBI agent posing as a 14-year-old girl on various social media platforms and sending explicit images and videos. After their conversation became increasingly sexual in nature, he proposed meeting May 29 near Heinz Field – believing both her parents were out of town leaving her alone; therefore bringing condoms, lubricant, and a sex toy with him for her use.

FBI agents were on hand and quickly arrested him when he got off of the bus, charging him with attempted coercion and enticement of a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity and sentencing him to 120 months in prison.

Professional Career

Thomas Kastory has been charged with trying to persuade or induce a minor into engaging in unlawful sexual activity. The 31-year-old Emsworth man allegedly communicated with an undercover agent for more than a month on social media and text messaging platforms, sending her explicit photos and videos. On May 29, Kastory planned on meeting up with the girl near Heinz Field; he discussed taking public transit and mentioned having condoms, lubricant, and vibrators available when meeting.

According to a criminal complaint, Kastory used the online name $mokeALot and began communicating with an undercover agent online in April under a false pretense, telling her he lived near Bellevue and was 31. He sent explicit images and video clips showing his penis, suggesting they meet at Ross Park Mall for sexual encounters within its changing room of JC Penney.

Achievement and Honors

Kastory was accused of engaging in conversations with an undercover agent posing as a 14-year-old girl for several weeks via a dating/social media website, sending texts and photos of his face and adult male genitalia; later the discussions became sexual in nature according to the criminal complaint.

On May 29th, Kastory told an undercover agent he would board a bus and meet them near Heinz Field in downtown Pittsburgh. Kastory brought condoms, lubricant, and a sex toy to this meeting as he believed that one or both parents of the child in question may have left town, leaving their child alone at this meeting.

Kastory plead guilty to one count of coercing and inducing a minor to engage in unlawful sexual activity and was sentenced to 120 months of incarceration, followed by five years of supervision upon his release from incarceration.

Personal Life

Thomas Kastory lives in Emsworth with his wife and their two sons; their marriage spans 16 years. On Friday he will appear for a detention hearing pertaining to an attempted coercion and enticement charge against him which may result in 120 months imprisonment with 5 years probation imposed on his release.

In April, he communicated with an undercover FBI agent posing as a 14-year-old Pittsburgh girl on social media platform by sending explicit photos and videos depicting his face and genitals, according to court documents. He invited her for a meeting near Heinz Field believing her parents would be away and she’d be alone at this meeting.

Authorities believe he took a bus on May 29 and met up with an undercover agent near Heinz Field before being apprehended shortly afterwards, while carrying condoms and lubricant in his bag.

Net Worth

Thomas Kastory, 31, from Emsworth is charged with inducing a minor into sexual activity. According to reports by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Kastory reached out to an underage girl posing as an online acquaintance and sent explicit photos and videos as well as making arrangements to meet for sexual encounters, according to documents submitted as evidence against him.

According to a criminal complaint, an undercover agent and Kastory exchanged messages online during April, with conversations becoming increasingly sexual in nature and Kastory sending videos showing his penis or other parts.

On May 29th, Kastory suggested they meet at Ross Park Mall for sexual acts at either JC Penney restrooms or changing rooms, believing her parents were out of town and she would be alone. FBI agents were waiting and arrested him near Heinz Field after finding condoms, lubricant and vibrators inside his nylon bag.

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