Thomas Kinman

Thomas Kinman – An Australian Orthopaedic Surgeon

Thomas Kinman has been employed at Lockheed Martin for 11 years, holding three different roles at the company before currently holding down his current title as Manager, Technical Subcontract.

His groundbreaking research into globular clusters used RR Lyrae stars as distance indicators and to calculate distances and radial velocities more precisely than previous methods.

Early Life and Education

Tom grew up in Australia before going on to become a physician. As an orthopaedic registrar in Edinburgh and Oxford – where he earned his PhD – Tom served orthopaedic patients. Later he spent time plotting gravity assist trajectories for space probes at Lockheed’s satellite division in America.

At trial, it became evident that Kinman was involved in a scheme to steal negroes by selling them in secret and then providing a pass with an incorrect name, instructing them to meet him at another place at an appointed time for more money and take possession of their bodies. Witnesses at Abbeville testified they had seen this person and wagon.

Astronomer Paul Kinman was best-known for his research into the diffuse halo of stars surrounding our Milky Way galaxy and one of his discoveries, PHL 293B, was even named in his honor: Kinman Dwarf Galaxy. He leaves behind his wife Jackie and two sons as his legacy.

Professional Career

Tom was an ardent and prolific orthopaedic surgeon renowned for his dedication and success. He made significant strides forward in teaching, research and training across Australia; founding both Raymond Purves Orthopaedic Research Laboratories at Royal North Shore Hospital as well as SpineCare Foundation NSW to care for children living with spinal cord disease or injury.

Erudite and generous, A M Taylor was an ardent proponent for the return of detailed anatomy teaching to Sydney University curriculum, mentoring many orthopaedic registrars as they began their careers. Even during retirement he continued teaching anatomy to both these groups through a family bequest established via A M Taylor Fund. A passionate fighter for what he believed in, never afraid to stand up for what he stood up for – an exceptional educator!

Achievement and Honors

Kinman pioneered systematic work on globular clusters during the 1950s by measuring their distance using RR Lyrae stars as distance indicators, and by deducing radial velocities from integrated light spectra integrated radial velocities and thus vastly outstripping earlier methods of distance measurements.

Kinman was also actively engaged in his community, serving as a deacon at The Episcopal Church and running cross country races – even competing against Olympian Roger Bannister! He leaves behind his wife Jacqueline Louise Schroeder Kinman and two sons.

Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi celebrated the 403rd Maintenance Wing’s annual award winners during a Commander’s Call Feb. 8. Award recipients for Airman of the Year, junior NCO and senior NCO included Master Sgt. Thomas Kinman; his daughter-in-law Robin Blust Kinman read his eulogy during the event.

Personal Life

Tom Kinman was an avid reader and musician, serving St Michael’s Church of Tucson as an active deacon. He leaves behind his wife Jacqueline Louise Schroedter Kinman as well as their two sons Ian and Mike, whom they share a bond together.

Tom pioneered groundbreaking systematic work on globular clusters during the 1950s by extracting distance and velocity information from integrated light spectra; his methods proved significantly more precise than previous approaches.

He was an advocate of classical education and actively promoted and funded scholarships for medical students at Sydney University – including overseas study fellowships – he also actively contributed to local Rotary Club meetings as an enthusiastic member. He loved Australia and was proud of her accomplishments. Despite considerable resistance from some quarters, he advocated surgical intervention as a method for treating spinal disorders; until recently working at National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO).

Net Worth

Kinman, better known by his YouTube username Hickok45, is an avid firearms enthusiast and YouTube influencer with over one million subscribers who monetized views are between $2 and $7 per 1000 views monetized after YouTube takes their cut; additionally merchandising proceeds are also earned.

He and his wife do not wish to provide personal details of themselves or their son to the media, however it is known that he helps to create videos for his channel.

He was born August 13th 1832 in Montgomery, Lycoming County Pennsylvania. Immediately upon hearing of Henry Clay’s nomination as President he recalls witnessing torchlight parades accompanied by this process; these left an indelible mark upon him and led his family to Illinois in 1856 before later moving back home to Starbuck, Washington.

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