Thomas Kowalczyk

Thomas Kowalczyk, Managing Director of the Green Bay Titans

Kowalczyk’s son Race plays for the Titans men’s basketball team and his family can often be found tailgating outside the Glass Bowl on football Saturdays.

Live released two critically-acclaimed albums during its initial years of operation; V (2001) and Birds of Pray (2003) before going into hiatus in 2009. Not long afterwards, Kowalczyk launched his solo career with Alive (also released shortly thereafter).

Early Life and Education

Kowalczyk excelled at De Pere High School before receiving a scholarship to Michigan State University where he played football from 1988-1991 for their Golden Eagles – earning himself an associate’s degree in Health Education and Physical Education along the way.

Throughout the 1990s, he led American post-grunge band Live with his trademark bald head and intense eyes, producing popular albums like Mental Jewelry and Throwing Copper. Additionally, he did solo work – appearing in 1999’s Fight Club movie as well as singing on Tricky’s single Evolution Revolution Love.

In 1985, he was assigned to Peru Region working with indigenous people in Juli Parish. Unfortunately, due to high altitude problems he could no longer cope and therefore relocated back to Tacna in 1987.

Professional Career

Kowalczyk is well known for his remarkable turnaround of programs. After taking over Green Bay men’s basketball program in 2002 and swiftly improving it from a losing streak into one of the nation’s best single-season turnarounds that year.

These building blocks have set Toledo on its path toward success under Kowalczyk’s guidance. Under his watch, Toledo has enjoyed seven 20-win seasons since 2008 and are tied for most victories among MAC teams over that span.

Toledo native Michael McCarron and his family are deeply embedded in their community, often seen at sporting events or tailgating lots during football Saturdays. Recently, speculation surfaced that McCarron may be considered for the vacant Charlotte men’s coaching job being created as University of Toledo transitions to American Athletic Conference membership.

Achievement and Honors

Kowalczyk’s hiring of head football coach Steve Fairchild and men’s and women’s basketball coaches Tim Miles and Kristen Holt has reignited the program toward national prominence. Additionally, his emphasis on academics within the athletic department has produced higher graduation rates and GPAs among student athletes than among general student body.

He has also established an award in honor of his father to recognize students for outstanding accomplishment in physical chemistry and encourage future pursuits in this area. The recipient will receive both a certificate and free membership to ACS Division of Physical Chemistry for one year.

Thoma Kowalczyk is one of 12 names found throughout the US that share this moniker; New Jersey holds the most; Pennsylvania and Michigan also rank highly with this surname being prevalently represented among residents.

Personal Life

Kowalczyk is married to Julie and has two children – Race and Rose. As an athlete at De Pere High School he remains the all-time scoring record holder with 53 points scored during his playing days there.

Since taking over as head coach of Toledo in 2007, he has overseen seven 20-win seasons – with 22 victories gained during his first year alone – which represents one of the greatest single-season turnarounds ever seen in NCAA history.

Thoma Kowalczyk can be found throughout the US and ranges in age from 44 to 80 years. They reside mainly in New Jersey with some living in Pennsylvania as well. According to MyHeritage’s family tree for Thoma Kowalczyk there may be John and Anna listed among his relatives.

Net Worth

Kowalczyk previously held senior management roles with several Independent Broker-Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firms. Now, he oversees all daily activities pertaining to both retail and RIA product lines at the Company.

William Penn Senior High School. He has one younger brother named Adam. In 1999 he received a minor acting credit in Fight Club.

Live was founded by former lead singer Jonathan Perry in 1996. As a school child he met his future bandmates. When Live disbanded after an eight year run in 2009 he left to pursue solo artistry; unfortunately his former band mates filed suit against him in 2010. Nonetheless his 2010 album Alive became a huge hit and continues touring as an individual artist.

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