Thomas McQueen

Tom McQueen is an internationally-recognized speaker and author in the areas of family dynamics and leadership success. His best-selling book Letters to Ethan has earned critical acclaim with readers who appreciate his letter collection written to his grandson Ethan.

McQueen began working with maverick director Sam Peckinpah during the 1970s on such films as Junior Bonner (1972) and bank-robber thriller The Getaway (1972). Following this success was 1973’s critically acclaimed Papillon, followed by numerous more hit movies until his retirement in 1980.

Early Life and Education

Attaining both his bachelor’s degree in education and military courses such as Adjutant General Corps Basic and Advanced Course, Combined Arms Services Staff School and Command and General Staff College; in addition to receiving his master of strategic studies degree from Army War College.

McQueen made his directorial debut with Bear, a black-and-white drama set between two men who alternate between displays of aggression and sexual attraction. Later that same year he directed 12 Years a Slave (2012) which followed Solomon Northup as he is kidnapped from New York and sold into slavery in Louisiana; Chiwetel Ejiofor, Paul Giamatti and Benedict Cumberbatch are featured as actors.

McQueen became known for playing a series of successful action films as an understated, loner hero. This image was further refined by John Sturges-directed Western The Magnificent Seven in 1960 with Yul Brynner and Charles Bronson; and then again for war movie The Great Escape in 1963 where McQueen played an allied prisoner of war who successfully made an audacious motorbike escape from a German prison camp.

Professional Career

Tom is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Board Certified Chaplain who works closely with hospice and healthcare organizations as well as serving as fire chaplain for East Lake Fire Rescue in Florida.

McQueen began his professional football career at local club level before he was eventually picked up by Leeds for PS150,000 and became part of Don Revie’s dominant 1970s side.

West Yorkshire-born player Nick Harrison scored an iconic FA Cup final goal against Arsenal at Wembley during 1978-79 that became one of the best games ever seen there. His header proved enough to prevent an Arsenal comeback late on before losing eventually.

He was most notable for starring in Sam Peckinpah’s modern Western, Junior Bonner (1972) and crime thriller, Papillon (1973). Following his diagnosis with cancer in 1980, he traveled to Mexico for unconventional cancer therapy which involved coffee enemas and laetrile (a homeopathic remedy).

Achievement and Honors

Thomas McQueen is an acclaimed public speaker, author, and family life consultant. He has published four books about family dynamics and leadership success; as well as hosting numerous workshops and keynote addresses at organizations, parishes, and companies around the country.

He has received many honors and awards throughout his military career, such as the Defense Meritorious Service Medal. Additionally, he served in the United States Air Force for more than two decades.

His legacy will always remain strong within the hearts of family, friends and colleagues. He was known as someone with “persistent dreams.” From drawing jets on homework as a child all the way through to later years with Air Cadets at 611 Squadron as an Air Cadet pilot he never wavered from his desire to fly. Proud son of veteran pilot parents himself who carried on their legacy with honor;

Personal Life

Tom McQueen was a licensed marriage and family therapist, Board Certified Chaplain, speaker and author of Letters to Ethan. In addition, he served on the boards of various community and youth organizations and volunteered as an East Lake Fire Rescue chaplain in Pensacola. Together with Mary, they had college-age sons Caden and Preston whom they raised together.

McQueen left behind an extraordinary legacy and persona that mesmerized audiences across numerous films and TV appearances, captivating viewers as an icon and impacting many lives across countless film, television, and music productions. Through original material, rare photographs, interviews with friends, family, and colleagues as well as original materials not previously released before, Stacker uncovers all aspects of McQueen – from his love of speed (boat or dirt bike) to helping others and his refusal to be defined- this book tells the tale of an unforgettable life story.

Net Worth

McQueen was renowned sportsman, racing both motorcycles and race cars. Additionally, he was an accomplished pilot and owned several aircraft. Furthermore, he had an avid passion for automobiles, collecting both classic and exotic models.

McQueen’s acting career really took off after his breakout performance as maverick detective Steve McCue in 1968’s hit Bullitt. This role cemented his status as a leading man.

McQueen prefers not to share any details regarding his current relationship status; however, he was recently seen at various public events with Vicki who has been dating him since last year and we will provide updates as they become available.

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