Thomas McShane

McShane has long been involved with community and charitable activities. He serves as a member of Cathedral High School Board of Directors, as well as being actively involved with Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church in Milwaukee.

He served as founding director of the Walden Woods Project and is an active member of both Natural Resources Trust and Thoreau Institute.

Early Life and Education

Thomas McShane served the FBI for over 25 years as an undercover art recovery expert, recovering millions in stolen and faked paintings including El Greco’s and Rubens’ works, returning hundreds of millions worth of art theft. Additionally, he was among the first FBI agents on scene when Gardner Museum heist occurred.

His acting career includes guest starring roles on Seinfeld as Kramer’s antagonist Franklin Delano Roosevelt and in HBO series Brotherly Love as well as portraying wisecracking mechanic Lloyd on Tom and Huck.

He has worked for non-governmental organizations and government agencies on conservation and development issues. His dedication to working within the framework of diverse cultures while respecting each person’s individuality earned him great acclaim.

Professional Career

As an FBI art recovery expert, he recovered over $500 million worth of stolen and forgeried artwork during his years of service. Working closely with individuals from diverse cultures, ethnicities and religious backgrounds – working within the arts helps foster diversity.

His career also encompassed serving as an environmental consultant, production photographer, expedition leader and location manager on several groundbreaking adventure films such as Levison Wood’s ‘Walking the Nile’ expedition; images from this expedition appeared worldwide as well as on front covers of best-selling books and magazines.

Thomas has seen incredible success as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of CES, overseeing an increase from three team members to more than 30 today in marketing department size and headcount. Furthermore, Thomas created and implemented innovative programs such as the Orientation Program, North American Conferences and Events.

Achievement and Honors

McShane began leading CES’ marketing department when he was 20 years old, growing it to include over 40 people today and building an entirely new team when the company moved headquarters from Seattle, Washington to Dallas, Texas.

He has earned and been nominated for several prestigious photography awards as a photographer, most notably for his portfolio on South Sudan’s Mundari tribe, which placed in the top ten for Travel Photographer of the Year award.

He starred as Audrey II in the 2006 London revival of Little Shop of Horrors at Menier Chocolate Factory and Gareb in Todd McFarlane’s animated series Spawn; voiced pill bugs Tuck and Roll from Avenger Penguins by Cosgrove Hall Films, as well as Detective Twitch from Spawn on HBO series; played Detective Twitch from Spawn on HBO series;

Personal Life

Thomas McShane and Nettie Lindrum are married, and together have two sons named Clarence E. McShane as well as one other child.

Vocalist and voice actor. Best-known for providing voices for various anime characters including D’s sarcastic left hand in Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust; Shalulu in Disney’s redub of Castle in the Sky; Baron Rakan Harkonnen from Emperor: Battle for Dune

DSG’s Energy & Environment Practice Leader and enjoys leading his efforts in aiding clients with major project development permit approval, public policy issues, and environmental impact review compliance issues. He frequently speaks on topics related to regulatory and public policy matters as well as spending time with his family; having recently given birth, he now lives in Greenville Texas with his daughter.

Net Worth

McShane was not only an author but was also involved with several conservation projects. As founder of the Island Alliance and helper in leading efforts to designate Boston Harbor Islands as National Park. Additionally, he served on Mansfield Planning Board and Natural Resources Trust founding board directors.

He leaves behind his wife; daughters Heidi (Dave McSweyn) Stevens and Carrie Lintz as well as Travis, Cole, Emily McSweyn and James and Kyle Lintz as grandchildren; sister Sheila Smith of Sussex as well as longtime friend Marsha Gunlock as well as many nieces and nephews.

Thomas E McShane holds one share of Gogo Inc valued at $2,333 and earns $350,496 as Lead Independent Director of Oasis Petroleum, according to a Form 4 filing with the SEC.

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