Thomas McWhorter

Tom McWhorter is an esteemed professor of English and public writing at the University of Utah and an accomplished author. His publications can be found all across the web.

McWhorter’s book dismantles the ridiculous principles of Electism with all of the deftness and precision of a linguist; yet McWhorter does not write with the intention of convincing Electists to abandon their creed.

Early Life and Education

McWhorter was left without formal education as a child. This enabled him to develop an independent mind and become an avid reader – skills which would later allow him to become a renowned linguist and author.

Academic work of Professor Smith began with his study of pidgin and creole languages, leading him to create various linguistic theories. Additionally, he has conducted extensive research in other areas including American culture history.

McWhorter’s book takes aim at Electism without seeking to completely dismantle its principles; rather, it aims to appeal to white people who know they don’t fall under racist ideology but find themselves confused by how passionately Electists defend their beliefs; portraying them as an exclusive religious sect and making them seem inaccessible.

Professional Career

He has engaged in an array of civic and charitable activities, serving on the boards of directors for both the University of Tennessee and Belmont University, Samford University’s board of trustees, Clemson University Cumulative Giving Society and President’s Leadership Circle memberships, among others.

Mr. Barone is one of the founding partners of Nashville’s Entrepreneur Center, an educational nonprofit which supports individuals starting or growing businesses. Additionally, he founded LifeTrust America as a senior living provider that offers independent living as well as assisted living services.

Thomas McWhorter holds that meritocracy should be strictly applied, with only those demonstrating exceptional talent receiving rewards for their hard work. Unfortunately, however, that view overlooks how white professionals who select, train and promote him do not perceive any disadvantages he might present due to being white themselves.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas McWhorter is unafraid of controversy and boasts an admirable sense of perspective. He has provoked much discussion regarding issues from cultural tokenism in Peanuts comic strips to Ebonics politics; while his intellectual confidence and knowledge has inspired African American students that academic success can be achieved.

Robert Browning is the author of three books, including a standard scholarly history of the University of Georgia, as well as contributing numerous book chapters, reviews, articles, distinguished lecturers and numerous awards for his work.

He and his family have pledged a minimum donation of $2.5 million to the Clemson University Foundation’s Cornerstone Partner athletic program, which assists student-athletes on their path toward sporting success. As a tribute for this gift, Clemson softball stadium will bear his name.

Personal Life

McWhorter has maintained a low profile despite his success as both an author and academic, which has enabled him to reach more people with his ideas and spread them further.

McWhorter has dedicated much of his scholarly work to language studies. While initially his attention focused on Creole languages such as Suriname Creole Saramaccan, over time his focus has broadened to examine all forms of language acquisition. Through this research he has proposed that languages tend towards complexity and irregularity naturally – an idea articulated both academically in Language Interrupted and Linguistic Complexity and Simplicity and also for general audiences through Losing the Race: Self Sabotage in Black America and Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue.

McWhorter’s book stands in stark contrast to much third wave antiracism, which tends to be driven by fear of losing white privilege. Instead, McWhorter argues that attacking Electism with virtue signaling tactics is counterproductive and will only drive its followers further away from truth.

Net Worth

Forbes estimates Thomas McWhorter’s estimated net worth to be in the neighborhood of $1 billion. A former senator and founder of CDG Technology private equity firm, Thomas has also invested in healthcare ventures as a benefactor.

Established in 2000 and with headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, this consulting company specializes in offering gas ideas companies consulting services related to regulatory compliance, capital market strategies and financial analysis.

McWhorter also runs his own firm providing research and development for the natural gas industry, employing over 300 staff. McWhorter lives with Ellen, Clarissa and Kate; all are part of his family as members of Clemson Cumulative Giving Society as founding partners and of President’s Leadership Circle respectively.

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