Thomas Nass

Thomas Nast was an influential illustrator and political cartoonist known for championing causes he believed were important, such as opposing slavery and supporting voting rights.

Although Nast enjoyed immense success, he did have his detractors. One such critic was James G. Blaine who opposed municipal reform and Tweed’s corruption.

Early Life and Education

Tom and Veda enjoyed hosting large yard parties where people could gather to enjoy good food, reconnect with old acquaintances, and meet new ones. Additionally, they spent much of their time traveling in western US states and Mexico.

Thomas came to the Supreme Court with an eye toward challenging what most thought of as “settled law.” His dissent in Morales v. City of Jackson served as a stark warning about its willingness to surrender police powers to street criminals. Magnet’s prose is refreshingly free from the excessively dramatic tone often employed when explaining the Supreme Court. Rather, it displays his understanding and respect for its limitations as an historian who understands jurisprudence better.

Professional Career

Thomas Nass is the managing director of MSCD Maximum Solution Consulting Deutschland GmbH and boasts more than 30 years of experience working within both national and international ERP environments, specifically Movex/M3 environments. Additionally, Thomas handles any support-related matters for his clients.

He began his horticulture career at Donahue’s Greenhouse in Faribault, Minnesota and Four Star Greenhouses in Carleton, Michigan before attending Northwestern Preparatory School, Northwestern College, and Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary to further study.

He became a staff artist for Harper’s Weekly in 1862 and quickly earned praise for his depictions of events such as Boss Tweed’s corruption that encouraged readers to support Union efforts during the Civil War. Additionally, in 1860 he traveled abroad for this newspaper and sketched scenes of an epic prize fight between American John Heenan and English Thomas Sayers that helped rally readers towards supporting Union.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Eisner was recognized with the 2008 John J. Carty Award for the Advancement of Science “for his groundbreaking studies examining how organisms utilize chemical composition to mediate ecological interactions, thus creating the emerging field of chemical ecology.”

He earned a high score on College Board exams, placing in the top 3% nationally. Furthermore, he served as an Eagle Ambassador, student leader of St Thomas House System and Varsity Performer of Eagle Soccer and Track and Field teams.

In 2023, he received the Alumni Association’s Professional Achievement and Citizenship awards in recognition of his integrity, concern for justice, and service to others. In particular, he was known to support the Benjamin Banneker Association’s advocacy work regarding math education advocacy.

Personal Life

Thomas Nass was born September 27, 1840 in Landau, Germany’s Bavarian Rheinpfalz region. At six years old he immigrated to America with his mother and sister; shortly afterwards his father joined them.

He joined the New York Illustrated News and traveled to England in February 1860 in order to document one of the major prize fights of that era, as well as Giuseppe Garibaldi’s military campaign in Italy which captured public imagination.

Rev. Nass died of yellow fever on December 7, 1992 while traveling through Ecuador and is interred at Woodlawn Cemetery in New York City. Before his death he taught Biblical Hebrew at Martin Luther College since 1995 as well as being pastor in North Mankato and Milwaukee before retiring in 1992.

Net Worth

Nas is an accomplished rapper, hip hop record producer, entrepreneur and director who has sold over 25 million records worldwide and won many awards for his work. Additionally, he owns his own FILA sneaker store as well as being associate publisher for Mass Appeal magazine.

In 2009, he directed New York City Center Encores! production of The Wiz and Eric Simonson’s play Lombardi (which chronicles Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi). Later that same year he collaborated with Lin-Manuel Miranda to direct Hamilton.

Thomas Kail has amassed considerable wealth over his impressive career in theatre and film directing, amassing assets worth millions while choosing to live a modest lifestyle.

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