Thomas Pomeroy

Thomas Pomeroy

Thomas Pomeroy is a well-recognized sports agent in the US and has over two decades of experience in this industry. He has worked for multiple professional teams and leagues.

He is also a member of the LDS church and holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, while being an avid sports fan.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Pomeroy was an individual of many talents and skills. Aside from being a lawyer, judge, and civic leader; he also dedicated his life as husband, father and grandfather. On May 20, 2015 at his residence in Napanoch, New York; at age 71 years.

According to Dawn Keetley in her book Making a Monster, Pomeroy tortured seven small boys by whipping, beating, pin-pricking and ultimately knife slashing them. Additionally he would visit the police station while being investigated on his crimes.

He is survived by his wife, Phyllis Pomeroy, as well as three of his four children – Michelle (Sam) Riesgraf of Stockholm, Wisconsin; Scott Pomeroy from Brooklyn Center Minnesota and Jeffrey Pomeroy from Brooklyn Park, Minnesota; as well as six grandchildren including two sets of twins.

Professional Career

Thomas Pomeroy has built an exceptional career in business. He has worked for major firms like Nike and NBC Sports; was an instructor in leadership studies; received various awards; and published books.

He holds that focusing on people and the communities they serve are crucial elements of long-term success, and stresses the need to build a comprehensive team capable of meeting any challenge that may arise.

He prides himself on delivering projects that deliver real results and value for his clients, from planning through execution and closing. A dedicated team player who thrives on meeting goals while prioritizing client needs.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Pomeroy has received numerous honors and awards. These include being honored with Albright College’s Distinguished Alumnus award and Duquesne University’s Century Club of Distinguished Alumni award. Additionally, Thomas served as law clerk to Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Michael Garland as well as supporting numerous Senate campaigns with their campaigns for election to Congress.

Tradition holds that Edward was a trumpeter in the Catholic army who raised alarm when Protestant forces approached, helping to prevent many members of his family from being killed at St Bartholomew Massacre 1572. Subsequently he purchased Berry Pomeroy castle and estates from Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset.

First-year graduate/professional students interested in applying for the Pomeroy scholarship should submit a letter of recommendation and assessment from their advisor or faculty member detailing the student’s character, academic ability and potential for success.

Personal Life

Thomas Pomeroy married twice during his lifetime. His first marriage was to Susanna Sanders; this union produced one child. Thomas later wed Edith (nee Hudnall). Together they produced 10 children.

Family traditions passed down through early generations of his descendants hold that George Pomeroy, father of Eltweed and grandfather to the present American branch, fled France during the time of St. Bartholomew’s massacre of Protestants in 1572 before sailing for America from Liverpool.

While visiting America, he had the inspired idea to compile a genealogy of both American and European Pomeroys dating back to when their family name first appeared in 10th-century documents. Over several years he dedicated his life to this endeavor which resulted in three massive volumes that trace the Pomeroy lineage as far as 10th-century Europe.

Net Worth

Thomas Pomeroy is a philanthropist estimated to have an estimated net worth of $96 billion, including his stake in various companies such as Becton Dickinson & Company and New York Blood Center.

His contributions at these institutions have resulted in significant advancements in infectious disease research, healthcare delivery and medical research. Furthermore, he sits on several public and private company boards.

He also possesses extensive experience in building high-calibre teams, optimizing processes and reporting on operational activities. Due to this expertise he has fostered strong relationships with investors and lenders and played an instrumental role in creating an environment conducive to excellence and producing results-orientated organizations such as Horizon Technology Finance Corp. He is highly valued as part of their team.

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