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Thomas Rhett Launches His First Collection With Tecovas

Thomas Rhett had long planned on expanding his boots collection and made the dream a reality with the debut of his inaugural pair from Tecovas. This collaboration features work boots as well as other styles.

The Lauren boot, inspired by Rhett’s wife Lauren, features an off-tone bovine shaft and delicate double-line stitch pattern reminiscent of his personal preference. As its flagship style in his collection and personal favorite it stands as one of its highlights.

Early Life and Education

Ernest Ivy “Boots” Thomas, then 20 years old and serving in World War II’s Battle for Iwo Jima, made history when he and his fellow Marines scaled Mount Suribachi together during February 1945’s battle for Iwo Jima to raise an American flag there – an iconic moment captured on video and photographs.

But what followed after his arrest remains less familiar. As this clip from FRONTLINE’s upcoming documentary Clarence and Ginni Thomas: Politics, Power and the Supreme Court explores, the future Supreme Court justice began showing an interest in Black Power movements such as Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolent tactics instead of self-reliance movements like Black Power. That would lead him down an unconventional and life-altering path he’d have to rewrite himself several times over in subsequent decades.

Professional Career

Platoon Sergeant Ernest “Boots” Thomas rose from modest beginnings to become an icon for generations of Americans. His small-town roots and commitment to protecting his family combined with wartime fame from raising Iwo Jima’s historic flag has made him an inspirational figure across America.

Tom Rhett of country music fame will team up with Tecovas to launch a boot collab honoring this brave soul who so inspired him.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas was awarded the Navy Cross for heroism for his heroic act during World War II, helping raise the American flag on top of Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima. This act of courage won him recognition by both his hometown of Monticello in Florida as well as Tallahassee’s veterans clinic where his memorial stands today.

Rhett had long had boots as part of his bucket list, and finally realized his dream with Tecovas’ limited-edition collection launched this year. The collection features three men’s boots and three women’s pairs designed after members of his family; in addition, there are two hats and T-shirts in this limited-edition line; prices for these boots range between $295 to $495 with proceeds going toward charity.

Personal Life

Thomas is a family man with an enthusiasm for nature who values Australian mateship and endurance as his driving principles. While aspirational but not pretentious, Thomas knows money won’t last forever so spends it wisely to provide for those relying on him.

He was posthumously honored with the Navy Cross for his actions at Iwo Jima, with a monument honoring him located along Highway 90 near Monticello and his body being laid to rest at Roseland Cemetery in Jefferson County, Florida.

“Church Boots” highlights Thomas Rhett’s growth as an artist through its introspective lyrics and mature sound, as well as its universal theme and relatability for listeners from all backgrounds. Additionally, its heart-stirring melody and sincere delivery make for an engaging listening experience.

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