Thomas Sapp

Thomas Sapp

Thomas Sapp is an emergency medicine specialist based out of Grand Rapids, MI. He graduated from North Dakota State University/Mercicare Hospital Consortium with over 21 years of experience.

Deputies also discovered a 2-year-old toddler sleeping in a pack-and-play in the home, while Gabot testified that “bodily fluids,” believed to be semen, were found on Williams’ undergarment.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Sapp was born in Plant City, Florida and graduated from Vero Beach High School. From there, he continued on to the University of Florida to earn a degree in aeronautical engineering.

He served as a mail carrier for both the United States Postal Service and later on the Wilcox County Board of Education. An avid outdoor enthusiast, he enjoyed hunting, fishing and tending his garden while spending time with his grandchildren.

Deputies were called to a residence on Ave Club Dr in Temple Terrace on Feb. 28 to conduct a wellness check and upon their arrival found the body of Williams along with her baby in her apartment. According to court records, Sapp told his daughter he had gone over there to argue with Williams over her alleged relationship with another man.

Professional Career

Thomas Sapp has over two decades of experience working in IT. During that time, he has held various roles – accounts payable manager, human resources benefits coordinator and assistant to the president at Hole Montes are just a few he has held. Furthermore, Thomas is certified fraud investigator as well as project leader.

Texas Mutual’s Senior Manager for Security Engineering, Sapp is kept abreast of cyber threats to the company and industry trends as part of his role as Senior Manager for Security Engineering. In addition, he keeps regular contact with leadership to monitor progress towards overall and more granular strategic goals.

His approach has been one of empowerment; creating an environment in which everyone feels they have the capability of succeeding and contributing their unique perspectives to the team. This approach has proven instrumental to his success in IT.

Achievement and Honors

He earned numerous accolades for his talents on the football field, such as being named an All-American in both 1991 and 1992. Furthermore, he helped lead his team to victory at the Big 12 championship game that same year.

He has made an enduring difference in the lives of his family, friends, and colleagues through his leadership and service to others. He exemplified all the virtues attributed to Saint Thomas More; integrity, justice-seeking concern, selflessness in service of others being only some.

Since joining ADG in 1990, he has held several roles within his local chapter including Chapter President from 1994/1995. His dedication to its five core principles; Service, Scholastics, Spirituality, School Spirit and Social helped guide his chapter to national recognition for campus service and membership growth.

Personal Life

Thomas Sapp lost his wife Mary in 2008 and is survived by their four sons and daughters as well as eight grandchildren – as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Thomas attends Abbeville First Baptist Church in Georgia.

He was a former truck driver and enjoyed attending antique auctions across the region. He loved his family very much and was known to be quite generous with them; additionally he collected artwork.

Sapp was given bail of $502,000. If he makes bail, he will be subject to house arrest with only limited exit for work, meetings with his lawyers or doctor appointments permitted; additionally he must wear a GPS monitor while abstaining from alcohol and drugs.

Net Worth

Sapp has amassed a considerable net worth through his impressive career and various post-retirement pursuits, but legal controversies and personal problems have taken their toll on his finances.

In 2007, Sapp released his album Thirsty, which became an instantaneous success and topped charts for several months – giving Sapp huge recognition and making him instantly famous.

Sapp has also earned himself an outstanding reputation as a gospel singer. He has released many collections of gospel music and made significant wealth through it, thanks to his very pleasant singing voice which has won him widespread acclaim across the music industry and industry itself. Sapp enjoys an enormous following around the globe and has appeared in films such as Boogie Nights, Magnolia and Punch-Drunk Love among many more.

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